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Thanks for the comment :) Very happy to hear to you enjoyed it :D

This sounds really strange, I think it's the first time I heard of this. How is in-game fps? is it running poorly? I only know of issues in connection to bad frame rates. Collision detection starts to act strangely with low fps.

Well, there's a hand full of endings, so feel free to try your best to get one ;) If you have problems progressing, you'll find a couple of walkthrough vidoes here in the comment section

yes :D

Which part do you mean exactly? The trial has a couple of different challenges :)

The bridge disappeared after I walked over it... creepy o_o But at least, I could still walk over the collision box :D

According to the screenshots, this doesn't look like vandalization... more of an improvement :D Great work!

yes, I knwo :D That skill might come in handy down the line in some of the side quests ;)

ha, interesting :) Never thought about that. Yeah, I would've loved to have a muffled version of the currently played song, but that was out of the question due to technical restrictions. That's why I went for a reduced, short-looped version of the main theme with a low sample rate to "imitate" that feeling. Apparently, that didn't work out well ;)

Yeah absolutely right, most of the stuff in the game was thought of on the spot without really having a "masterplan" in mind. Some things work great together, other things don't quite. In that regard, the game development process was like a living being, growing and evolving while we worked on it.

The Odin version plays when you finish the game with the female looking character for all Endings except E I think.

Thanks for the praise, great to hear that people still have fun with the game after such a "long" time :D I'm especially happy to hear that you like the OST. I'm basically just an amateur in that regard and still learning the ropes to this day.

oh, the source IS public, The game is completely open source. So, if anyone wants to tinker around with it, that's perfectly fine! The code is a jumbled mess, but that's to be expected from a frankenstein project that was mostly cobbled together in a three day jam :) 

Thanks for the speedrun link!

Updates in regards to speedrunning like you asked won't be possible, I'm a afraid. I have barely enough time to work on this update aside from my other projects and that update wasn't even planned to begin with :) So, sorry! But I didn't know there was an active speedurnning community. Gotta check that out later!

yeah, there are quite a few ways to end the game :) 5 in total, currently. I'm currently working on an update where finishing the game multiple times gets a little less tedious. So, maybe you'll give it a shot when it's ready! Thanks for playing

Thanks :D If you'd ask me, I'd substract a lot more points due to technical issues. Thanks for only taking off one point :P

Thanks a lot :) Great to hear that you had fun

I think (Left) SHIFT should work just as on any other OS... The ability to run is not available from the start though! So keep that in mind.

Yeah, that's right :) Didn't account for people running around, entering doors after feeding the flame. Thanks for pointing that out! Fixing that will be more trouble than it's worth though, so I'll just keep it that way for now. Cheers!

for some, this is actually the best ending :D

Great, hope you have fun with the other endings as well :)

Like the rock said beforehand, you need to cross the river. You can use the stone as a literal stepping stone.

love it :)

You're absolutely right. The character itself is, aside from giving some exposition and providing a gag ending, rather useless. I like the idea to build upon the "giving away power ups" idea to help him out. If only I had more time on my hand :D

The browser version is the way to go then :) Just try to use firefox or chrome. Haven't really tested it on safari, I think.

Thanks :) Love the doggo endings as well! They were really fun to make

Yeah... That was reported a few days ago by someone else as well :D There's an update planned with a new game+ option and a little new ending. I'll see if I can tackle that Issue as well

Thanks :) I always found C pretty easy... People reported this bug a lot back when the game was released originally. I think the higher your framerate is, the easier it is to pull off.

I'd love to make more games, but I'm currently swamped with other projects after work. So, finding the time for that is really difficult.

Which song do you mean? All songs are originally made for the game. The only exception is the one in the B-Ending, which uses a established song as basis.

You can find alle the songs here:

Thanks man :)

oh shit :D

Great :) This whole concept is far from being very unique or new. Makes sense, that there's quite some games that use it one way or another. Thanks for the detailed story summary!

Not too bad of an idea... I'll check in if I could at add that in with little effort :) That could really speed up the progress on the consecutive runs.

Love the idea to give the shadow guy a little more spotlight and an optional ending. If I could, I'd love to have a side quest with an optional ending for every major character, but I'm currently swamped with other stuff. Maybe I'll have some spare time when my other projects die down a bit.

Thanks for the kind words :) no, there's no secret 6th ending.

You're absolutely on point regarding the grind to get all the endings. I originally planned to have some kind of "new game+"-option after beating it once to start at different stages of the game to make it easier to get all the endings. But that's a technical nightmare. The engine is a cobbled together mess from the original game jam. And implementing some kind of state management was a huge endeavor which I was not able to tackle without refactoring half of the game. So, currently, there isn't any other option than to start the game over :/

Never heard of that :) I'd love to hear the similarities. Care to elaborate? The wiki for this game is rather scarce

Yeah,  that's a bug that made it into the game as lore ;) If you plan to finish the doggo sidequest, you will see what I mean. Thanks for playing!

Hint for E: Maybe there's someone else who loves wood ;)

That's really strange :( Haven't heard of anyone having this issue. Have you tried another browser?

Fair enough! It is rather grindy to get to all the endings since the beginning is always the same. So, no hard feelings :) Glad you enjoyed your run!

C -> Has to do with the guy in the cave and how he got stuck there.
D -> Pet the dog some more, maybe? ;)

On Keyboard, it's the "F" key. You can always check the controls in the pause or main menu (press "ESC" ingame to access it)