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I gotta go back on what I said earlier :) we actually added two more optional endings to the mix. Check out the dev log regarding the update if you want some hints how to get the endings.

Can you elaborate what your story progression is exactly? Did you manage to fullfil the request of the stone on top of the mountain yet?

Thank you for playing! There are currently no plans to revisit the game and add additonal major content. One minor update is planned though, which will introduce one more small ending. So, stay tuned!

Yeah, sorry! That is a bug (which will be fixed in the next upcoming release). There are currently three endings in total and it seems you got them all :)

There are three endings in total

Thanks for playing this one as well :) This was the first jam game I was personally involved in. It really lacks content to keep you playing but since it's the core of the game is really inflexible, there isn't much that can be done to improve upon it without having to rewrite the whole game from scratch. But great to hear that you enjoyed it nonetheless :)

Sure thing :) You're on the right track with the third ending. It involves getting over the river early in the game, before getting the double jump skill. You can jump over the river with well timed jumps (jump again just when your're about to hit the water and you won't drown). When you talk to the guy in the cave then, it will reveal the last ending :)

We uploaded the whole soundtrack to our little game website:

Thanks for playing and giving your feedback :) The physics in the game are a bit busted, which often leads to those shaking cam issues.

Whoops :D

You can find the full soundtrack on :)

Thank you so much! Just watched your play through and had the best time!

Very true! Thank you for your honest feedback. Mechanically, that is what we were trying to go for, but the time constraints due to the jam had us drop a lot of features that would add to the immersion. We are planning to build upon the jam version try to develop this further to actually represent our initial vision! Thank you for playing :)

Wow, thanks for the extensive feedback and constructive criticism! We are well aware of a lot of issues (especially regarding the missing player feedback regarding ammunition and health). The level design was kind of a last minute hack job (by me, that is) with very little play testing. That's why the "death pit" made it into the final jam release. That's not at all good level design! Thanks for pointing that out.

We intend to develop this further into an (at least) more full fledged product in the near future. We are not game devs and we all have a normal day jobs, so developing a game in our free time is really hard (especially considering many have families at home)

But I'll keep everyone posted, on the progress here :)

Thanks again!

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Thanks a lot :) I was really looking forward to watching the let's play, but the video seems to be deactivated :( Any updates on that?

Edit: Ah, the direct link seems to work :)

Thanks a lot for the detailed feedback!

You are very very right about the things you pointed out. We are well aware of those issues (and a lot more) that we couldn't fix anymore due to the jam time running out. There wasn't really time to fine tune the lighting and/or monster placements as well as contrasts of the platforms or the tilemap in general.

BUT we do intend to work on a post jam version with more content and (hopefully) all the balancing and ease of use issues fixed. So, stay tuned if you're interested :)

Thanks a bunch! :) The jam's core team (me inlcuded) will work on this game further and release a post jam version in the near future.

Thank you so much :) Also for the let's play!

No, it's something completely different and possibly not something you might encounter by chance. But if you want a vague tip, you can read the next paragraph:

The ending has something to do with how the dude in cave got stuck there!

Thanks for the in-depth feedback! Very much appreciated.

1) Yeah, the physics engine and collision detection really needs some overhauling. We might include a third party physics engine to get rid of a lot of these more messy issues.

2) That would be really awesome. We didn't have (and still haven't) time to implement a lot of comfort features. No guarantee that it will still be implemented with this game. But our engine is growing and might support that feature in the future.

3) Thanks, that's actually an issue, that bugged me as well. Especially when entering and leaving doors. I might look into that!

4) I really had my problems with writing that dialog in particular. After I saw some play testers successfully pull it off after the tip, I thought the writing was good enough. But I might revist that part and work in some of your suggestions.

Again, thanks a lot for you feedback!

Nice try :) The skull is useless though. Are you missing Ending C?

Not too shabby :) The pixel art is really on point. The blend between game boy era adventure games and doom works quite well. It's obviously rough around the edges game play wise, but it's definitely something to work with as a base template for future projects.

Glad to hear :) Hope you have fun with it!

Thank you! And the feedback about the inverse button prompts to change the controller is a good idea.

This is really strange, I haven't heard of something like this before. Have you played the browser version or the windows build? It sounds like there are key presses coming from your system that interfere with the dancing mini game. Maybe a connected controller or other input devices  that might cause this?

Really cool :) I like the art style and mood (music!) in general.

The core mechanics worked pretty well (even though i accidentally clicked on my character instead of the broken sand clock at the end and had to replay the section... but that was my fault)

The running and jumping felt a little too floaty for my taste. I did botch some of the more precise jumps because of that. But I adpated pretty quickly.

I would love to see some more context to the game world, maybe some story elements or more concrete world building via dialog or level design (even though there already was a lot of mystery revolving the level design)

Yeah, you're right. The phrasing seems to be a little confusing. I will make this a little clearer in the next patch! Thanks for the feedback

Yeah, sorry about that. I couldn't reproduce the issue with the space key, but the cursor keys seem to scroll the window as well. Playing in full screen should solve the issues though!

I'll see if I can get a general fix ready.

There are three endings in total :) two regular ones and one secret gag ending.

Hey! Sorry to hear that there is an issue with the riddle on your playthrough :( I'd really like to know what could've caused this. Could you send me a screenshot of the wall outside the cave where the solution should be? Ideally with some information about your system / browser you played the game with. Just to avoid any misunderstandings, you can check the playthrough of Grimbag (15:28) how the hint should look like. He posted his let's play in this comment section.

Thank you so much for let's playing this :)