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does the snapdragon 730g take this shader?

Why don't you guys make an apk it's much better!

you could create one to hit and touch the butt, it would be very good!

Hello could you bring a Port to our dear Android?? From the pictures the game looks perfect!

hi , have to put options to improve the resolution, and the game graphics in the android version! and remove this log business..

Hello, could you bring a free version for Android?

Can you bring a version for Android??

can you bring a version for android?? the game is beautiful 😍

Hello, why not put touch mode and drag on her breasts?

I had to be able to touch her butt, and also her breasts and move with the mouse or cell phone, to one side and the other.

Poderia colocar pra Android?

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had to be able to hit and touch her butt, and improve the drag on the screen!Improve sensitivity when moving your finger on the screen, this on Android.

oi The game very good! But it has to improve the touch sensitivity on the screen.

could bring to Android?? I don't have a PC 😭

Game very good!! but I had to be able to interact with her, and touch her like dragging your finger, it would be really good!😁

Hello, could you bring this amazing game to our dear Android?

Muito bom! Mas tem q melhorar a qualidade na versão Android

Muito bom!!☺️

Tem futuro

why don't you bring it to Android and ios, a PC here in Brazil is too expensive😢

O jogo só fica carregando infinitamente 😔

Hi, when will the Android update be available?

Muito bom!👍❤️

Muito bom!!

Personagen muito bem Frito, éla é Linda👍😍


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O descrasa cadê atualização no Android??😡😡

Is the version android??


I don't know how to put the mod! but could bring an apk?

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if i have the delta touch i can run it  cell phone?

Olá pode trazer uma versão para Android??🤧😢

Olá poderia trazer um Port para Android?🥺🙏

Sim funciona! Mas é mal otimizado!

Muito obrigado!👍


Jogo muito lindo!😍❤️

Estou aguardando, para nósso querido  Android.

Muito bom!

Poderia ter mais jogos assim para Android?

Zoxel community · Created a new topic Edu

Olá, queria relatar meu bug,guando o mapa termina de carrega o jogo fecha sozinho, poderia resolver isso pra mim? Meu celular é um moto g9 plus