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this comment has no personality and also contains a protagonist

thanks ghokeru. i'll be working on it a lot more now, because it;s currently summer so i'll hopefully be able to get this done.

and whenever i do, i'll let you know. i promise you that.

i'm still working on my new stuff. it's gone through a bit of a "development  hell", as the better developers than me say. basically what's happened is i worked for a while on my new stuff, but i didn't like it, and i only really want to make stuff i like and am proud of. so i essentially just started over, and now i'm making something i can be a lot more proud of. couple that with school slowing the project down a lot, and you have the main reason i haven;t finished or released it yet. but don't worry, it'll take a while but it will happen. i will release it and honestly, i think it's gonna be great.


project kat more like project amazing game, because the game is good

nope! don't worry, i've been working on one, but i'm really not the fastest developer and the thing i'm working on is a lot bigger than the games i've made before! that's why i haven't really released anything lately :)

i'm glad you liked some of the game, even though you didn't like all of it!

thanks for playing and commentinggggg :3

i  absolutely loved this review. besty review of my review.

awww thank youuuuuu! i just looked up episode: choose your story and apparently none of the choices actually matter that much, but with a name like episode: choose your story that must be a lie! anyhow, really thanks for your comment!

i agree that it is, but there were a bunch of people who use steam and not itch, so to just remove it from steam entirely is a bit of a weird decision to make.

hi neon

how come you removed the game from steam?

ayyy iss bacckkkk

it certainly was, thank you for noticing!

if you want a demo, there's a prototype on their website:

thank you very much faeiie

this is wonderful

gosh i dunno, a lot of it was that but also a lot of it was something else that i don't know what it is, so i'm really not entirely sure.

holy fricc you deleted the post i'm sorry i didn't mean to sound mean or anything i'm sorry

how am i supposed to respond to that

aw darn

any chance of a mac version?

high-quality video, 10000000000/10.

aw man thanks! i'm really glad you enjoyed the thing! yay

thank you dency

WHOA people think my game was a highlight of the bundle? that is very cool

i hired the best voice actors for this game


thank you!

aw man thank you! i'm definitely not planning to stop making games any time soon, so you don't have to worry about that! i'm really glad you enjoyed my game and all it has to offer, and that you liked it enough that you consider yourself a fan of my games! i'm really not sure how i'm supposed to end a reply,  okay bye have a great day

aw man thanks theo! i'm so glad you enjoyed it, and that it made your week exponentially better!

i know this sounds especially cheesy and dumb, but i'm really glad i'm able to make people just a bit happier.

have a wonderful evening!

the educated child says that you are a very insightful person

i am glad you found the characters smezy, i tried very hard to make them smezy and i'm glad their smeziness is being recognized.


aw man thank you so gosh-dang much!

i'm so glad you were able to find something you really enjoyed in the bundle, especially since it was my game!

thank you!

thank you very much mr. tokoxhara

i spent 6000 years on each individual drawing, thank you for appreciating my work, and i'm glad you enjoyed it. have a wonderful evening

aw thanks <3

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thank you so much for showing my game to your friends, and I'm glad you all enjoyed it!

I'm planning on putting the game on steam by early 2021 (or earlier), which sounds completely unrelated but just stick with me here, and I'm considering, when i do, adding a new dlc (possibly free but also maybe it costs money, it depends how I'm feeling that week) that adds a new route where you get to date the random civillian! i might not do it, because i honestly have no idea how to make dlc work properly in renpy, but assuming i figure it out by then, yes. you WILL be able to date the random civillian in due time.