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hi !

We're actually working on it and we're very Close to a release... Please have faith on us !

It's this exactly, thank you (:

Really sorry for the disappointement, but thank you very much for your patience !!

Thank you for your support !!

Thank you very much ! ! Whoah, all over the planet...

Hii ! 

Thank you very much for your interess, a news is just on the way !

He totally controls them ! They're part of his body like everything else !

Pas de soucis, merci pour ce retour super sympa !! Ce sont ces commentaires qui nous motivent à continuer !!

Thank you very much for playing and for your awesome review, it makes us really happy ! We hope you'll enjoy further playing it !!

It's... Not but we had a good laugh reading that : D Please do ! We hope you'll enjoy the demo !

Ahah it's ok : D 

Yeah no problem, anyway it's really nice, good luck for the dev !!

Hii ! 

Awesome, graphics are so cute and nice, well done ! The gameplay is very nice, although a bit repetitive  (but it's just that it's not my kind of game in the begginning)

Couldn't hit the "red cross" button on the menu on the map  (the windows won't go away) (I have an old Samsung sorry idk the exact model)

Good luck for continuing it !

Eheh thank you ! 

Can't say a thing... (:

Yes, totally !

Thank you very much for your kind comment and support !! <3 We're still working on it ! Next update around september !

Yes ! They'll appear on the next segment of the game !

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No, at least in the main characters : to be honest we thought about treating the subject but the story is actually pretty complicated and we feel like we're not informated enough not to make any mistakes about it. 

It's totally part of the things we wanted to talk about, but we finally chose not to in sake of the quality of the final product (and our lack of knowledge).

Thanks for your interest !

Hii ! 

Thank you very much for your interest and kind words ! 

Indeed we weren't able to make a version for May, and it'll be postponed for some weeks. We'll make a news next week about it with more informations about how much we've done and what we still need to do !

Thank you very much ! We hope to meet your expectations ! <3

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Thank you very much for your kind words ! <3 It's really warming us up ! 

Yes of course, here it is :
Thank you very much again !!

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Hii ! 

It's totally SFW for the demo and there might be erotic scenes in the future, but no heavy NSFW !

There is strong language involved, and there will be violence (hits, blood, suicide, killings etc...) but we intend to implement Trigger Warnings for such routes. The demo only involves strong language (some puns involve weed, too)

It's an adult oriented game, yeah

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Hii !

It's totally SFW for the demo and there might be erotic scenes in the future, but no heavy NSFW !

Actually there are no guides, maybe in the future ( :

Maybe it's not clear, we will move them ! 

August 2019 and January 2020 are our pastly anounces (and cleared !) deadlines ! May and August 2020 are the upcoming one (:

It's totally SFW for the demo and there might be light sexy scenes in the future, but no heavy NSFW !

alright ! We reproduced and are working on it, ty for telling us !

hii ! 

Ty for your message, we'll look into it and get back to you !

Do you have more informations about the problem ? Does it freeze or quit ? Can you go throught ? Are you stuck ? 

Ty for your feedbacks

Ahah thank you very much !! Your comment really pleases us eheh <3 <3

Iiiiiinc !

Thank you very much !! <3

Thank you very much for your very kind review ! 

We're actually working on the scenario of the whole game and we'll try hard to make something that'll catch your eyes ! We definitely note what you said about the introduction - but to be frank even if we rework it it won't be on the top of our todo list as there are a lot we want to work on about what will happen next !

We plan for the story to focus on the whereabouts of the different characters in the institute, notably the main character, of course !