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also are multi shot intended to come out almost like one bullet?

Also tends to guve 2-3 of same option.

Edges of screens also eat your bullets even when shooting inward.

no leader boards sounds kind of dumb, high scores are the oldest game mechanics.

Why do enemys spawn while you still have to pick upgrades -.-

Slows way down after chest run out and score feels arbitrary with no meaning but decently fun idea,

Would love a bigger game of this with a lot more polish, other wise good concept game

Thats sad wish devs had more resources to do more projects.

Thanks :3

Did you not have friends test it -.- Rule number one don't be the only tester or you will always feel its to easy.

more so mean if this was a difficult as is i would rate it as expert just not manageable unless you know the game front to back.

WAY to difficult and hard to pick upgrades when being attacked -.-.might help to give a upgrade at start,

Endless mode when!?

This game is awesome... besides the high contrast hurting my eyes i love it, great use of card mechanics!

Not idle game..

Art is nice but game play feels really bad.

no its more like they get the -3 from taking damage but they never take the damage IE 1 defense robot keeps getting smacked for 3 and never dies cuase it never finishes taking the damage.

Book for 5th slot breaks randomly on summons saying -3 but never removing it

Realy laggy kind of pushed the survivors off the screen and just have like a billion slimes >.<

actualy would be more fun if the timer was the dice limit and you just have to keep up with your dice, would be kind of satisfying i tend not to get enough dice to finish a section by the time limit

yeah you can just stack stone well to end game and its so cheap to do too

nice concept love to see a full game with cards to get and adventure!!!

its a proto type alright, art styles ok but cant give much more feed back then that

wait you have a purpose edge?

yeah really good game,minimal bugs and only one issue with Ultra end game, would love to see a further expansion and development on this game.

pretty fun ;gets a bit tedious after first loop as you need to merge thousands of cards to spend all your points.

Still happens but noticably less, thank you

unplayable fast and you basically have to play everything the moment that its active+ any degen means you have to start that tier over unplayable needs fixes.

Silly but the fact it can almost melt my computer is fun made me smile hard, now time to crash it!

Decent would love to see a full game with more dynamics and polish

Still goes black randomly

yeah some time they just launch at like 200 at the left side and i have never scene it do it in any other direction.

problem was it was the first die and they litteraly landed on the last 5th of the right side and blasted one clean off the left side

could be fun if after beating it you got to restart with new upgrades and alt maps

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why can dice explode all the way from one side to the other just feels unfair when it explodes and launches a dice right of the side first dice on a perfect shot?

(added after edit) after the 5th time i think i just done good idea needs more polish

makes it more buggy for me..

wont let me hit buttons on the side(web Firefox)

game keeps going black when i over kill enemys

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why does it auto full screen constantly i hate that every round or randomly menuing

and the dynamic lighting the deeper i went the worst it got