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i hate the like 2 sec it gives to choose cards with no indication some how i pick 2 half the time right away and one still loafs around completely infuriating.

Wow sadly after you beat it theres not much left to do i scene all dice types and such, plus theres no infinite mode or unlockables

love it hope to see updates it does not feel quiet polished yet and still feels slow, hope to see maybe pick 2 out of 3 chooses to make it a bit faster so you can pick and remove dice.

is this game no longer supported, the daily  rewards are no longer working.

has some serious memory problems after a few min.

Still not working

should make a full game like this but less finite

seams nice i not sure if i maxed it out, seams fun not sure if there's any more.would love to see a full game with a few improvements and stratigie.

soooooooo great but sad its so short wish there was a full game of this with more long term goal.

i think it crashes when you get all upgrades i crashed at 120

oki when you going to start  a new game?

I know i have played this before???

oki please do and maybe add a import/export save option if you think theres going to be save loss on updates.

uhh there's only 3 card variants after power 2... like no fire or combo cards or other special effects?

YAY!!! it saves.

it does not save for me ether...

those you usually get some variety and you know more then exactly one way to play the game.

please fix the game it looks so fun...

game does not save ether....

burn ,burns into the screen and gets realy confusing.

whens that start i was like a quarter way through the ships and nothing interesting just merge and spam kind of mindless.

So when does it get interesting?

your welcome!!!

Realy good but very short and simple, would love to see a more polished game from this idea! <3

Still to short and no way to really upgrade the ship

i could hardly click anymore well before that point, how did you not crash out?

more like Lagionaire it was laging very hard i had to force close it.

that was like a couple min of playing.

Oh and can auto end your turn even if you have a bunch of actions you can take....

Needs re-balancing good concept ; just not working out by just scaling up

Yeah the RNG just makes it not fun there's way to much of it and very little skill involved, stuff getting thrown into your inventory randomly in places you would never want, a scaling that unless you get 2 of same color at start will end usually under 5 rounds in and much more like impossible to predict strategis that if you prepare for you are heavily punished for and if you are not prepared for you instantly are in a lose state that you will have no way to get out of and have to ether restart right there or wait for 2 battles usually majorly hampered just to lose witch could take 10 min just to find out you would not even be able to recover from it.

Early scaling is horrible you go from 1 damage or so to 4 and the hp triples if you only do 5 witch is very high for round 2 from my playing so far your stuck losing 8hp no matter what...

good start would make a fun rpg also to short could use some progression and other upgrade cards

kind of boreing and a bit too big to fit on my screen nicely.

yeah but sometimes you get stuff you could only dodge by luck as camera never shows enough for some of the possible gens.

still get impossible layouts every now  and again where you had to move right like 10 blocks up to dodge a set of spikes and obviously could never see it.

So its name your own price but you have to pay 1$ this is absolutely horrible.

yep this is horrible there's no way to actually get money and have gotten 3 100% impossible levels in a row

yep no clue how to actualy keep money ether...