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A member registered Nov 30, 2020

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Still happens but noticably less, thank you

unplayable fast and you basically have to play everything the moment that its active+ any degen means you have to start that tier over unplayable needs fixes.

Silly but the fact it can almost melt my computer is fun made me smile hard, now time to crash it!

Decent would love to see a full game with more dynamics and polish

Still goes black randomly

yeah some time they just launch at like 200 at the left side and i have never scene it do it in any other direction.

problem was it was the first die and they litteraly landed on the last 5th of the right side and blasted one clean off the left side

could be fun if after beating it you got to restart with new upgrades and alt maps

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why can dice explode all the way from one side to the other just feels unfair when it explodes and launches a dice right of the side first dice on a perfect shot?

(added after edit) after the 5th time i think i just done good idea needs more polish

makes it more buggy for me..

wont let me hit buttons on the side(web Firefox)

game keeps going black when i over kill enemys

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why does it auto full screen constantly i hate that every round or randomly menuing

and the dynamic lighting the deeper i went the worst it got

guessing you needed to optimize how it handeled flys and flytraps?

super laggy also a build high light and recycle option would be nice

Decent game, bit short, would love to see a more polished and longer experience with more replay ability, magic is kind of weak, and theres a bit of inventory crunch,Slots could use a bit more explaining and showing how the symbol modifying trinkets change the wheels.

my win 7 plays it fine.

Yes i got a discord, but was more interested on how you get access to do it as i was doing research on seting up a nice page

thanks and is it the same process for all the rest of the page?


How you make everything all shakey and wave on the rest of the page!?

thought your aloud bug fixes in most game jams?

problem with idle games like that is they dry up fast intrest wise gear managment in idles gets boring fast in most cases

Wow dint know it would copy the title font ans formatting >.<

Another Chronicle β.ver

reminds me of another game Hmmmmm.

Works fine on Exe just not web

So how do you shift i tryed holding right click and moveing mouse wheel to no effect as well as a hand full of other combinations?

man you must be pretty good thats such a short time for a game like this, i hope to see it get updates and more polish and content.

SOOOOOO GOOD!!! how long it take you to make, its just amazing!?

oki ill happily help test if you like i good at finding bugs and breaking games.

well hope to see the game more playable again i don't remember it being in this bad a shape,guessing some things broke with browser updates?

yeah those 2 things would help out a lot.

and why do bigger boards only give 1 prestige point does that not make them worst to get?

i think i saw the sprite sheet flash at me one of these times it buged out but it was to fast to screen grab.

uhh dont know what i did but the game realy dint like it

so what do you do after you kill every wave in 1 move?

Arcane ball just makes enemies it hits unkillable and now i can even get past wave 2 as i ether get all basics and a nearly impassable wave or a arcane and a wave that i cant beat cause of the bug...

ok.. seams some times enemies just become unkillable,on top of wave difficulties ranging from impossible to barely a inconvenience first wave.