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I feel like it's bad that I got Ending 3 first time ajhdkaj but AHHHH <333

can we get an option menu to disable screenshake/movement please? 

Super cute game. Love the artstyle <333

cute and fun lil game :) 

cool game, great art, nice soundtrack!
A bit easy for my taste but still really good. Great ending

TW for emetophobia after leaving the second train .-.

Great short game! Really gives off Junji Ito vibes.
I like the music and the characters have interesting and cool designs.
LOVE LOVE LOVE The animated cutscene!!

The only thing I kinda miss are mundane interactions. Like looking at the stuff in the apartments and getting a little text about them :)

Otherwise really good and I'd love to see more like this.

Also maybe put a TW for crawling in the description because I know a few people w that phobia. As a spoiler maybe? Idk

But yeah, great work!!

Love the music, but I can't deal w screenshakes, makes me dizzy :(

hhh the yandere in this game (don't wanna spoil) can we pls get more of him???

Okay but Joseph's route had me like "omg, what am I gonna do when I graduated ?" And then I remembered that I already did lmao

This is so cute ! I teared up a little but ngl. We need more games like this one <3

Very cute, little game. Love the artstyle !

This demo was amazing ! The music and art is just beautiful. Looking forward to the full game ! (Jaiden is my favoutite so far :D)

Super cute game, I really liked it ! <3

This is honestly the best game I've played on this website.

I love it so so much !!!

Okie, thank you ! I guess I was always too nice to Phoenix :D I didn't want to be rude to him/her xD 

Just finished the game and I loved it ! Is there any way to get together with Joyce tho? I prefer him/her over Phoenix :D