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Recent community posts there ya go

this is the best mod ever and no one can prove otherwise.



GOOD JOB !!! ya got first place!!!

probably. there's 14 entries and the highest number of rates in a submission was 5.

it could be both?

or use tags, cuz the "ice slider" submission has the most rates and it has 4 tags

most of the games are low on rates, I think the trick is to make the "thumbnail" appealing

cool, and interesting story

controls are weird but i like how they change faces!!

i got it!!!!

very cool 👍👍👍👍👍


haha i beat ur highscore

very cool game, i hope it gets first place

Pretty cool, but I didn't manage to get to the end 🙁

i have an urge to dub this

very cool 10/10

my computer cant handle this, the graphics are too good

"so bad it's good" at it's finest.

this is actually good, the difficulties match with the mazes and i haven't found any bugs yet. good job

oh well

right click the .zip file and click "extract here", it's gonna turn into a .exe and then you can play it

thats some shady stuff there jesu

i have the same pfp as you :)
also can you draw a roblox guest with drip


you just made a whole essay what the

get some help, you are threating a 14yo who is just fangirling for A FICTIONAL CHARACTER, it's not hurting you is it?

just wiped out servers in newgrounds

10 weeks on the board right now

we got a
number one victory royale

his name is hatsune boyfriend, because it was pretty much confirmed by the creators that bf's name is boyfriend and hatsune miku is his sister, but I have no problem with people that think his name is Keith or Evan.

it worked :D
thanks mate

ok so i think its because we need to be in the game while its opening

I figured it out, I didn't extract the files.

Did you extract yours?

Question, could you also play the game even without seeing anything?

For some reason the game stays with a white screen, but the game works. I click enter, it enters the game, but it still is in white screen. I can hear the song play, the sound effects, and I even got to play the tutorial while in white screen, but it doesn't go well.