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Hey really nice example, can you talk a litle on how you achived this, the sources you used or if possible share the code ?

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Thank You so so much.

 It's really nice to have an active community that is willing to help others.

 I will mention you in credits for sure.

Hey men just wanted to say that that's a really nice animation and I would really appreciate if you could check what's up with the link because it's blocked. I really need it for my school project. Thank You.

Thanks for the help and good luck in your work.

Hi rvros,  nice work you going on here, but i would like to ask you if you could help me setting up some of the animations. 

At least see if you could say the animations frame rate. And would be really cool if you could help me making  a Texture Atlas for the animations.

Best regards, and sry for my bad enligh :P