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hi, can i mive my saves from one version of the game to another? and how?

Hello! I love this game, its everything i could have asked out of a topdown action adventure with rpg elements :D

i see, will there be any option to play it like in the demo? i really like the way it was handled, this is interesting too, but can there be multiple game modes ?


oh so its completelly dif from the demo

is it just a visual novel or does it contain some gomeplay like the previous one did? 

so you have the main 3 biomes (or more) biomes to beat, than we get the boat ?

new trailer is sick! now that we can travel by boat does that mean we wont have the map reset gem thing?

nice :3

is there anything else to do after i beat the mines and tempest? or is this wip?

i can t open this in browser, is there a way to download?

thank you very much for ur generosity, i literally cant stop making dungeons now, the entire party flipped the metaphorical table when a slime golem dropped from the ceiling, smth i couldn't have done without these, i am very thankful you shred these and for opening my eyes to the world of free game assets  

3 questions

is it ok if i use those for dnd for my friends session?

does this work with roll20?

are you art Jesus, is that why u are so kind tho share those?