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This is a very solid game, I absolutely love the random audio and events it makes what ever is going on feel more authentic. I think the grainy video style adds a lot of creepy atmosphere to it. The audio was also super well done.
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This game is a good example of why you don't always need to be up and moving or have constantly changing environments to have a scary and good quality horror game.

I liked the ending I thought it made for a good jumpscare and intense chase scene merged into one. I thought the hotel looked really nice and I liked the ambiance. A longer version of this would be awesome!.

This was a really good game. I feel like this game deserves a lot of attention. I loved the environment and the overall setting. The game does a good job of letting you know where you should go and what you should do without making it to vague or hard to figure out. I also think the monster is super cool looking.

I liked this. This was very scary for such a short game and about as good as a game of this length can possibly be, Makes me wonder what the game would have been like if it was longer and more extensive.

I liked how the environment kept changing to completely different settings. I thought it had a good and very surprising and unexpected chase sequence. I thought the controls were slightly too sensitive and the first area was a little too dark but besides that good game!.

This was honestly amazing for such a short game and I was surprised in a good way, I was so surprised to just see RUN on the screen and it really made my heart skip a beat. The driveway and parking area outside the house just had such an unsettling vibe like something wasn't quite right the whole time. I also liked how it was nice and simple to figure out and not overly complicated.

It felt so different from everything else I have played before. I enjoyed that it was basically a show that you could just watch and take in without having to do too much. Something about nightmarish cartoons is just so dark in a way that nothing else is. Good job!.

Very Solid little game, I liked that it was more than just siren head you needed to fear. I loved the setting I thought the decayed environment was so creepy and scary.

This game looks and feels so professional and doesn't feel amateur in any way. I saw no bugs or bad sound effects or visuals or anything like that. I loved the black and white way the game looked it gave it a really sinister feeling. It really creeped me out wondering what was on the other side of all those doors. I wish the walking speed was a tiny bit faster but I understand the idea behind slower speed building more tension and forcing you to take in the creepy environment more :).

The Cute and Cartoony environment made for a nice contrast with the monsters and spooky elements, I think it made them even scarier when it happens because the cuteness of the game lures you into a false sense of security. I loved the way the game looked I wish more horror games use this kind of art style.

I could see noticeable improvements from the demo which was already very good itself, The full version is even scarier and it has amazing ambiance, The Whole time I was super paranoid walking around each corner and bracing for a jumpscare. I liked how each night added something different and how the game completely changed by the end. Great job!.

This game was well done. I love these escape from captivity type of horror games. I thought the messy dilapidated look of the playing area made it extra creepy. I like how the screen changed whenever he got near you. I would have liked to have seen some hiding spots like closets or under beds (thought I understand those are overdone in horror games) and maybe a slightly bigger playing area but this is a great game that has wonderful potential.

Very Solid Little game, Ending was unexpected. I liked the puzzles and the creepy visuals and sounds.

I love the foggy maps it reminds me of silent hill and is very spooky, I like the tasks I thought they were nice and simple and even relaxing. Your games always seem to have really good map layout and design as well as general aesthetic.

I really liked that you were contained to such a small area for the entire game i felt it made me feel more trapped and vulnerable to what ever was around me. I really liked the sound affects as well. I wish there was a few more scares and things going on between activity but that's pretty minor. Good Game!

This was a good game. It did a great job of catching me off guard when the Primary Color Man Finally Appeared. I really liked the map design too, It was simple yet felt original.

This was a good game, I thought the very last few minutes were the scariest and most unnerving. I liked that when you climbed higher up the mountain that frost covered your screen I thought that was a very interesting element of the game. Also just the idea of a horror game where you scale a mountain is a cool new concept.

I really liked this, The story had excellent pacing. I love the art style. It got super unnerving as it went along especially towards the end.

This is a pretty solid little game, I really liked the idea behind it. It thought it was very interesting to delve into a persons psychological state like that.

This game is very beautiful to look at. I love the graphics and visuals. It has amazing jumpscares. I thought the overall map layout and game length was about perfect for this sort of game. I think the monsters are super well done as well. I also felt super tense the entire time it has great ambiance. Good job!.

I really liked this. I loved the environment, visuals and map design and just how the game looked overall. The background noises were well done, It had great ambiance. Perfect jumpscare timing. I can't think of any complaints off the top of my head. You did a good job!.

Solid little game. I thought it was visually appealing. Had a moment where I went up into the ceiling for a moment. I'm guessing that was a bug. Besides that good job!.

Very solid little game, I loved the visuals and the environment I just thought it was perfect for a horror game setting. I liked that they keys were easy enough to find to find but not insanely obvious either. Good job!.

I quite enjoyed this. It was actually a lot of fun to play and i liked that there was such a variety of different scares and creepy factors and that it didn't just depend on a couple of scary sounds or sights like most horror games do. I thought the phone was a very cool feature.

Good Game!. It was creepy, I liked the music, I loved the art style. Wasn't the biggest fan of the controls but it was still an overall very good game.

Tremendous game.Ive always loved listening to these kinds of scary stories on YouTube and them being made into games is a genius move on your part. I think the best and scariest part of this game is how unsure it leaves you feeling if you are making the right decision or not, if you are doing the right thing or not it just adds a whole other element of worry and fear.

I absolutely loved the puzzles in this game, They were not so insanely difficult that it made it frustrating but at the same time they were not so easy that it made them boring it was just perfect. The jumpscares were well placed. I loved the map layout and design. I felt the controls were a little too sensitive even when I turned them all the way down. I also felt like the chase sequences got slightly repetitive after a while but they were still well done. Overall it's a really good game and has all that there needs to be for a goo horror game. Well done!.

Slender was my first ever experience with horror games so it has a lot of nostalgia in a way that no other horror games do for me. It's been a common view for a while now that slenderman games have died on the horror gaming scene but I have always thought that good slender games could still be made if a new concept was used for slender the the old collect 8 pages idea was scrapped and this game matches that perfectly. This is a completely new and really good take on slenderman. I must admit I'm not a big fan of the slenderman sound affects he makes but I love pretty much everything else about this game. I think you did an amazing job and I will 100% play any follow-ups that you make in the future. Super well done!.

Very Solid little game. I definitely haven't played any other game like it before. I like the super uniqueness behind it. I also like the art style. I liked the subtle unsettling nature of it. Lots of little things to like about this game and I can't really find anything to pick apart about it. Good Job!

Pretty Fun Game. I liked all of the individual character interactions and seeing a variety of different in game character's, That said I felt like there was maybe slightly too many and could have done with just a couple less but that's just one personal opinion and not fact by any means. I liked the feeling of wandering the dark streets at night simulating a very real world scenario and type of feeling you get. I also liked that the main character had such a detailed back story and you saw so many memories of her past I thought that was very cool. Good Job!

Solid little game!. The Old Woman was extremely creepy and unsettling, I thought the abandoned hospital was well done and a perfect horror game environment, I liked the simple the puzzle, I thought the lighting was a tiny bit off in spots but that's nothing of serious note. You did a great job for doing this all on your own!.
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I loved this, It had very similar vibes to slender when I played it for the first time years ago, The sense of wandering a dark and ominously quiet area where it looks and feels like something is watching you and wondering if you are safe or not is very hard to nail in these kinds of games and this does it perfectly.

For those of you that are trying to decide whether to buy this game or not I would recommend doing so it's definitely worth it for the experience. I had fun playing this The atmosphere was super tense and the build up was almost perfect. I loved seeing the figures standing outside and seeing the environment slowly change. I thought the ending was very emotional and well done. You did a good Job!.

This game was quite scary and really surprised me, I liked the ominous goat background noises a lot, I like the finding and following the tracks element a lot. I loved the overall ominous and uncomfortable feeling. The tracks were a tiny bit hard to spot at times though.

This game unsettled me and creeped me out more than any other game has in a long time. I thought the sound affects were especially well done and there was moments where I could have sworn something was behind me. Very good job! I think it would have made a great longer game if you had chosen to make it into one.

Tremendous game, I loved the puppets and thought they could be both funny and lighthearted and also scary depending on the moment, The Voice acting was amazing. I loved the huge amount of puppet dialogue. I thought the game was visually appealing. I liked the inventory management mechanic and the weapons. I thought the game could have used a flashlight (unless there was one and I just didn't find it). I think between the scares, puzzles, comedy and map exploration this game has so many elements to keep it fun and interesting. Amazing job!.

I'm not normally a fan of these point and click style horror games but this was an exception. I liked how unsettling the images and sounds were. I liked how the scary element to it was very subtle rather than blatant. And I liked the multiple choice element. I thought it could have maybe used a jump scare somewhere but that's just me. You did a great job!.

I love these pixilated style horror games. I loved the scenery and the level design. I thought having something constantly lukring in the background was unnerving. I kinda wish the monsters were more dangerous and that maybe the path had an obstacle or two but it's still a great little game overall. Good Job!