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Was expecting something different but good job!

Definitely a good game. One of the best short Horror games I have ever played. It was very simple and atmospheric which I love in horror games.

It's a good game. It felt so detailed and well made yet so simple at the same time which is something that most horror games games struggle the find the balance between. Scared the hell out of me when I had to run and hide. 

This game was a lot Creepier and more unsettling than I expected it to be it far exceeded my expectations. This game had so many different elements and scares and creepy little details that every scare felt new and fresh. I love that it had so much diversity. I'm not normally a big fan of PT style games but this was definitely and exception. 

Great game overall!. I wasn't super crazy about the controls and the camera angles but they were workable and not so bad that it couldn't be played. I love these ps1 style horror games and the similar feeling it gives me to the old Silent Hill Games. I loved the dark, decrepit, creepy slightly hazy environment that gave it a super nice touch and made me feel less at ease. I feel like dinosaurs themselves were okay but some things could have been done to make them a little scarier like intense chase music or a scene or two where they jumpscare you but I understand that isn't everybody's style. Good Job I look forward to seeing more of your work.

Good game!, Short and simple but scary and definitely keeps you on edge with constantly having to listen for the ruffling of leaves outside. It would have been even creepier if the guy came in your room while you hid under the desk and walked around before leaving and maybe some voices that can be heard as well. The ending also really creeped me out. 

Well done!. This game honestly might have had the most well placed jumpscares that I haver ever seen in any horror game and if it's not number one then it's at least very close. I loved the graphics and thought it looked beautiful. It was very creepy and made me feel very uneasy in a way that most other games don't especially not short walk through games like this but this was super well done for so many reasons. If you are able to come out with the full version of this game I will definitely be interested in playing it. 

I liked it! I found the monster to be very well done and super scary but also felt a bit too difficult to escape in moments. I loved creepy atmosphere and environment and all of the unsettling things happening around me. And I love these VHS style horror games. Well done! 

I played the game and i had a little bit of trouble with the controls but overall I enjoyed it. I loved the enemies and thought they were scary just full of surprises. 

I was not able to beat the game but I really enjoyed playing it. I enjoyed it enough that I plan to play it again in my free time, whether I will make another video on it remains to be seen but good job!. 

Once I got the hang of this I really enjoyed it, I like pixilated horror games a lot and I thought it was just a job well done on the atmosphere and environment and overall gameplay. 

Good game! it's nice to play something with a bit of a deeper meaning behind it for a change. 

I had some problems with it freezing the first couple of times I tried to play it but I eventually was able to get all of the way through it and I enjoyed it. I liked how it gradually moved up into bigger and better scares as time went on and you did a good job of making clear what to do and where do go which is where a lot of other games fall short. Good job :). 

Definitely a solid game and very unique. 

I absolutely loved the creepy art style of the game I enjoy it when you can get an unsettled feeling just by looking at it. I also loved the simplicity of the game as a whole. It would have been nice to make it a little bit scarier by having some creepy music or more scary background noises every now and then to really keep you on edge as well as perhaps a couple more scares here and there but overall great game :). 

I really enjoyed this!, I love horror games with these types of graphics and just the overall style, I will definitely be interested in playing the full version!. 

Good Game!. I felt a little insure of what to do at times and felt like I could have used a little more direction but other than that I loved the concept of it and I thought the opening screen was very spooky and super well done, The Game did a good job of making me feel unsettled and feel uncertainty as to what was happening or what was about to happen. 

I enjoyed this, I have played very few games with this style of graphics, I loved the red and black background and just how erie it felt the whole time. I wish there was a little more sound to it and perhaps more scares but it was an amazing game overall.

This game was very unsettling and that combined with the mystery element made it enjoyable. It made me feel very unsure of what was safe and what was not safe and really kept me wondering which is something that most other horror games miss. 

The game had it's moments of creepiness and high quality scares despite how harmless and funny it seemed at times. I think it was a high quality game and worth playing for anyone who is looking at it and unsure of whether to give it a try or not.  

I had a hard time figuring out the controls at first but once I did it turned out to be a good little game. I wish there was more scares though. 

I love these simple types of horror games where you have to runaway from a monster in a creepy building while looking for keys and trying to solve puzzles. I would have preferred it if I could have used A and D on the keyboard to move left and right. I like how the game doesn't depend on jumpscares which is good because a lot of games make the mistake of depending entirely on those but that said I would have enjoyed one or two well timed jumpscares. Overall I like this simple style of Horror Game a lot and I enjoyed it. 

Good little game. 

I liked the creepy environment with the lights going out and having to light candles and the terrifying knocks at the door, I liked the overall gameplay and I thought the jumpscares were good. I felt like the chase scenes could have been a little more intense like with some scary music or something like that and I felt like it could have used more scary music and sounds in general. Overall good game! 

Good Game! short but enjoyable. It had good background noises and sound effects that made it very scary. Also loved the Graphics. 

Good game, I loved the abandoned mental asylum and it had good jumpscares as well as a good storyline. 

This was the scariest game that I have ever played, Both in terms of atmosphere and jumpscares it really had me on edge until the very end. I definitely Recommend this game to anyone thinking about giving this a try. 

I enjoyed the Demo. I personally didn't find the jumpscares all that scary but I enjoyed it overall.

Overall the game was good. I really like this style of graphics in horror games.I like the sound effects. Voice acting was okay but could have been better. Good job!. 

I finally gave this game a play after knowing about it for such a long time and it was definitely a game that I would recommend to anyone who likes these kinds of games. The Creepy atmosphere was amazing. 

Another great game from you!.

Good game! I found it to be difficult at times but I still enjoyed it and it felt very rewarding when I finished it. I'm not usually a fan of guns in horror games because I feel like the ability to kill the monster takes some of the scare away but you did a great job of implementing it since they were so strong and difficult to kill so it still managed to be quite scary. Good job! :D.

You did an amazing job with the jumpscares they probably got me the best of any game that I have played and it goes to show that they don't need to be super big or loud just very well timed. Good job all around!. 

A unique idea for a horror game. Most of the time I find that guns really take a lot of the scare out of horror games but this did a great job of implementing it.

Good job!. Was never much of a fan of this style of Horror Game but I found this to be exceptionally good. 

Amazing job on the super creepy atmosphere this was one of the best games that I have ever played in terms of keeping me on edge and making me feel tense. 

I thought the monster was very scary and a great job was done on it. The initial jumpscare got me and I thought it did a great job of creating a creepy and unsettling environment. I found it a little difficult to figure out exactly what to do and to find the hearts at times but besides that I enjoyed it. 

I really enjoyed this game. I loves this style of horror game and it made me feel super tense the entire time. I found the layout of the house to be a little bit confusing at first but I eventually remembered it. Good Job!.

Amazing. I had never played a Siren Head game before and this was a great way to start it off. It's a very well rounded game that manages to be scary and also fun to play. 

This game was surprisingly intense for such a short playthrough. Well done.