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Very solid game. It was shorter than I imagined but definitely high quality. I really enjoyed knowing the mystery going on in the background and wondering how it all connects. 

Very nice. This was the first really good Jeff The Killer game that i've ever played or watched and it's so nice to finally have one. I really enjoyed the survival element to this. 

Ben Drowned. 

This is really good, I'm honestly excited to see what else comes of this. It was definitely challenging but not so challenging that it felt hopeless and ruined immersion. The Jumpscare when you are caught is super startling and super well done. I also just love the Mario n64 theme. 

Very good atmosphere. I love the choice of music in this game. It just felt so ominous the whole time I was playing. 

I Quite liked this. I love scp games. I like always wondering what and if something is going to change on the next level. I know it's only the demo but I kinda wish there was an extra scare or two or a couple more unsettling visuals on the descent. I can't wait for the full version :). 

More intense than I expected, I really felt a sense of dread when the timer was ticking down. I think it's very unique having to go through the different cups and try to identify the right one. I feel like it's maybe a tad more difficult than it has to be but it's a good experience :). 

I had the exact same problem.  I went into options then controls and for some reason sensitivity was turned down to 0. I turned it up and it was fine. I'm guessing that's the same thing that you are experiencing. 

I liked this. My only complaint is that I felt like the scenes of dialogue were a bit too long and took me somewhat out of the emersion. But I like everything else. I thought the having to search for money in various places without getting caught was a fun style of gameplay. I also thought the thing pursing you was super unnerving. 
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I liked the gam

I liked the game, It ended up being way more tense and startling than I was originally expecting. It would have been cool if there was a slightly larger variety of scares and enemies but it was still very good overall. 

Very solid mix of Horror and Comedy. I like how it was creepy and unnerving without needing any jumpscares. I like the puzzle element. I sort of wish the playing area was a bit bigger with nore places to hide and with slightly more elaborate puzzles but it's still really good overall. 

Very Good Game!. It honestly reminds me of Amnesia The Dark Descent in a lot of ways not only in terms of the dark old indoors environment but also because the game is so good at making you paranoid and hearing scary sounds that sound like it could be something dangerous when it may very well not be. This game makes your imagination run wild and lets your mind create a lot of the horror and that's the best way for a horror game to be. 

I was a little skeptical of the game at first when I started playing because walking simulators are not usually what I find to be the scariest but the pace really picked up as it went along. I thought not being able to turn or look around as you walked really upped the ambiance. 

Good game, A little different from what I expected but that's not a bad thing. I like how diverse the elements of the game were going from a dark trail walk, To a spooky drive along a road to waking up in the fire watch tower I thought it was good how the change of pace kept changing. Well done!

I enjoyed this. I liked the rural farm setting. I like the simple storyline of broken down car makes you stranded. I liked how the puzzles were not overly complicated but just enough to make you have to think. I also thought the scarecrow was really spooky. 

Very unique concept for a horror game, I liked looking around trying to figure out how to get the different endings. I wish there was a bit more in the way of scares and ambiance but the scares that were there were very good and very well done. 

I enjoyed this game, I thought the Killer was super well done and very unnerving to look at. I like the in the woods setting. I also like these VHS style games. I wasn't a super big fan of using the a and d keys to look around rather than the mouse but it's still workable and still a very good game overall!. 

I think this is a really good game, I may very well end up playing the full version. The jumpscares are very well timed and well done. I think the game looks beautiful and is very visually appealing, I also like the creepy background sounds and noises. 

Really good game. I think driving horror games are a really great idea and it's a shame that they have to be so rare. I liked constantly wondering if something was on or in your car. I liked seeing the environment slowly change and I enjoyed the challenges and obstacles. I thought it was a little difficult at times but it was still really enjoyable. 

Really good game. I always thought the Russian sleep experiment was super unnerving when I first heard it years ago and this game really took me back to how I felt when I first heard it years ago. I love the visuals, I love the music and background sound effects and I love the voice acting. Super well done would recommend to anyone contemplating playing it. 

Good game I like the really dark and eerie setting of the dilapidated sewer and the constant wondering if someone is near you or following you and wondering who or what it might be. Very simple and easy to play, Doesn't go over the top with jumpscares, A lot to like about this game. 

Tremendous game, it's tense and it has a very creepy ambiance to it. Only wish there was way for the game to be a bit longer. Definitely worth buying!. 

Very good game! in terms of the graphics and how visually appealing it is it looks and feels very professional. I like how the game has startling moments but is not over the top with a ton of super loud jumpscares. I also really like the storyline of figuring out the characters past. No complaints at all!. 
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Good game I thought gore element made it scarier and made me feel more vulnerable as I was walking through the woods, I really liked the mystery element to it. I wish visibility was slightly better in the forest but all around I really enjoyed it :).  

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Short but high quality :). I love these pixilated horror games. the ambiance of the basement was very well done with the writing on the walls, the sounds and the darkness. 

Pretty solid, Great voice acting and very well thought out storyline, I like the looking through the peephole in the front door mechanic that was creepy and added a lot of tension. 

very solid game, I thought it was visually very appealing I thought the surroundings were well done and did a good job of making you feel unsettled and wondering if something was out there. 

Fun little game, We need more Simpsons horror games out there!. 

Usually I'm not a fan of horror games where you have a gun because I feel like it makes it less scary if you know you can just kill whatever jumps out at you but this is an exception, the fact that the monsters one hit kill you makes you feel a lot more helpless even with a gun. This is the perfect way to do it. 

This game felt different than most since the idea of playing a game within a game and having to watch out for things in your surroundings is a pretty rare concept in horror gaming and this game had amazing ambiance and sound effects.

Very Solid game, The end of it really caught me off guard. It had such an unsettling environment even if it didn't have the portraits on top of it already. Good Job!.

Very spooky. Amazing background noise and unnerving visuals. I can't wait for the full version.
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Good game. I really liked the background noises like a stick breaking coming from the back woods or walking on the floorboards above you, it added a very simple yet effective element.

I liked this game, It was short but a game doesn't always have to be long to be good or creepy. I really like that it was black and white it adds a lot of ambiance.

Very Solid game. I like that the conversations for the most part felt pretty realistic and like dialogue you would expect to hear in real life. I thought the jump scares were very well timed. and I loved the mystery element of it wondering what happened and who or what is out there.

Good Game!. I like that it wasn't super difficult to the point of being frustrating and taking forever to figure out. I think the darkness of the game added a lot to the ambiance as well.

Solid game, Not that scary other than the bit of creepiness from seeing things in the background but it's well made and I like the basic premise of having to go back and fourth and worrying what you might see each time.

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Good Game!. I loved how things changed as you went up each floor and I loved the uncertainty of not knowing for sure if something was around.

Very solid game. I liked that the small puzzle element wasn't insanely complicated to the point of just being frustrating. I like the uniqeness of the fast food restaurant setting compared to what most other horror games do.