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Ahhh.... thank you for helping wrangle my ADHD goblins into a semblance of hyperfocus.

Hang tight--the full game is in development! The denizens of Monstra City can't wait to spend some more time with you!

You'll just have to wait for the full game ;)

I know! I'm so sorry! Unfortunately, you found  a bug that was extremely serious--and I'm so grateful to you for finding it! I want to thank you for this, can I send you some stickers or charms? I'm really extremely thankful.

In the meantime, you can go into options, select the "skip all text" option, and then hold down ctrl to skip text really fast. You'll be able to get back through really fast :)

Unfortunately, you can't. Your save data includes data from the old version which would cause the new version to crash!

Thank you!

The bug from changing from windowed to fullscreen is a known issue and the fix is being worked on, but the smiling Cally sprite issue has been fixed! :)

Very strange! I haven't heard of anyone else having that issue, and it didn't come up in testing. Can I ask if you're using a 144hz monitor? I know Ren'py games can sometimes act funny with those.

I'm really glad you enjoyed the demo, though! Thank you for letting me know!!! 💖