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Really fantastic game, am playing for a couple of days too now and love it, but the wormholes don't work that well for me ... I use them, and then got stuck twice already when I did a  jump which gets me back into the first galaxy, but can't fly back because the gate back is still locked. Just right now it was the first jump I did, so seems a bit like russian roulette with pressing the trigger 5 times if I want to explore more galaxies after the use of a wormhole. Am using FC III+ to get anywhere.

Also if I would jump into the last galaxy straight from the beginning I guess I would just be cannon fodder for the enemies there, since I wouldn't have a shield yet or anything else, wouldn't I?. Also the Traders are a bit irregular, I went all the way to the 4th galaxy, and checked every single waypoint, without finding a single trader, so had a bunch of cash but couldn't use it. Luckily I've found at least a basic shield by then in some loot, wouldn't have made it otherwise.

This sounds a bit negative, but in fact I'm loving the game, and enjoy it! Just saying in its current format I wouldn't be able to progress without a Freezer.

The graphics are nice, but get muddy in later levels, and enemies are hard to spot. The enemy movements are enjoyable and challenging, but become unfair in level 4.

The weapon upgrade system is pointless, since every weapon seems to have the same fire power.

The scoring system is useless. Harder enemies don't get you more points than easy enemies. The further you progress the less points you collect, which is the opposite of what it should be.

Level 4 introduces obstacles on screen you can't touch, but still uses copies of the same enemy formations as before, and the 2 aren't compatible. It's sometimes simply impossible to shoot all the enemies in time to stop them from firing. Even if you have upgraded weapons, they can't shoot "through" enemy formations to get rid of more than one per shot, so the upgraded weapons seem pointless, since every enemy still needs exactly one shot. So it happens way too often that you have no room to manoeuvre and loads of bullets flying towards you, while your own bullets don't even seem to make a dent.

The obstacles in the level design in level 4 will absorb both "bullets" your ship shoots simultaneously, even if just one of them has the obstacle in the way, so it becomes even harder to find corners to get rid of stationary enemies.

All in all I do like motivational challenges, but sloppy level design, and a game engine not fit for the levels create challenges that don't motivate but annoy.

Some of the plus sides of the pandemic :-D