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Why did the rabbit need to collect bees?🐝

Why are bees attracted by the rabbit?🐇

We would never know❓


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This is brilliant in every perspective!

I have been interested in interactive music system for a while.

After playing your games and articles, you really answer a lot of my question.

Thank you for your works!

It's really clever to use bouncing as input 🎵


Nice and fun🔋

I gave it to the knight and he also did the job!

The Sneaky Girl gives you 250 gold from the quest, while the Knight gives you all 500 tho!


Sort the Court! community · Created a new topic Fun game!
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First thought it would be about conspiracy and morality, but it's just goofing around till the end.

Love it so funny.

Everyone being super suspicious, but turned out they are actually really cool.


I'm stuck on this one, too.

And your solution is even closer than mine😄

But we're thinking the wrong way!

This game is so nice👍

It would be impossible for me without the pause function😅

Awesome ahh!

The one I got stuck is not knowing where to use the shovel!

Also I brute force through the maze on the right  😣

This is not generic at all😂

I also made a Solitaire with Godot if you wanna try out😄

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Once again we need to save the world with hardcore playforming😄

There's a typo in the shrine.

Great game as always!

I suspect you are the best game designer of all time😉

The flow is great, there's a lot of nice design⛵


👻🕯 love it!

Thanks for sharing, very interesting read😄

💀I like the color of the box resembles the clock.

place I got stuck:

- three digit lock, this is clever!

- the red square block, this is magic trick! The other red blocks kinds of confuse a bit.

- the NEWS one, get carried away by the OpenSea site.

💫 what a fun game!

1 hr 26 m with 5879 👆

place I got stuck:

- not knowing to check inside the cup

- not knowing I could move the chair

- the number for bird, the aliens on the painting also confuse a bit

🤣makes sense

Good Soup👌


Great game 😁

2 hr 22 min with 7447 clicks

place I stucked: 

-second giraffe poop (I did it by memory the first time, not by overlaying )

-should check monkey once accessed computer

-star door pressing button would hint

some insignificant bug:

item state being different when turning angles:

- umbrella being closed from far away

- when you look left with monkey you see hint on chair


Amazing game!


This is so cute😄


This is fun and beautiful 🥰

Love the sound effects😊

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Great game!


I can't use my Nintendo Switch Pro controller like in the previous series😫


What a perfect plugin!

How about adding Bongo Cat?

As a human, why do we allow us to stay in a bad relationship?

Be it an abusive boss or nasty partner.

Maybe it's because there's something we can't resist.

And we believe if we persist enough, there'll be something worth it waiting for us in the end.