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Thanks for the update!

Looking forward to trying this later!

Note: the "one page - printer friendly" file is missing the last word of the title.

Is there a recommended min/max party size?  I'm guessing it's not particularly suited for solo play.

Suggestion: add "Irregular Tessellation" to the beginning of the "Playsheets" filename, for people who forget to regularly sort their downloads

Some tables have white dice, and others have black -- is there any distinction between which color is used through the book?

I like how it distinguishes between the main table and sub-tables for "People You Meet on the Road", but otherwise I haven't been able to figure out a theme for which is which -- is it mainly just that Part 1 is uses white (except in PTMotR), and part 2 uses black (except for the City Rule/Themes tables)?

  1. Did you intend to list the 8 cards in this PDF?
  2. Spelling: I think you meant to say "excess values" at the bottom of page 3
  3. An example would be helpful -- I'm not quite clear on how movement works

One last thing I'm wondering: any plans to try offering them as POD from DTRPG?  I have no idea what the sales/etc. would be like, but it might be worth considering.

It does, thanks!

I was mainly checking because at first I thought the one-sided moves would be backed by other one-sided moves, and I noticed at least one card-printing service has a price-bump for 55-72 cards. :)

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When I saw "Spread PDF", I thought it meant a 9-per-page layout that I could print single-sided and put in clear sleeves around CCG cards.

Edit: I forgot to add: This looks neat!  I'm on an RPG-spend pause at the moment, but this is high on my list! :)

Just to make sure I understand correctly: double-sided move cards have a file in `fronts` and `backs`, and single-sided moves have a `front` image and `BACK.png` on the back?

Typo: in the last Sector Trouble, I think "haulting harvesters" was supposed to be "halting harvesters".

Indeed, exactly what it says on the tin.

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I’ve order things I just noticed; Tineye says “slither of light” but I think you meant “sliver”

Edit: If you don't mind, some other proofreading:

Note the punctuation on the Ironsworn/Starforged moves & assets.  The punctuation works like:

  • Example I made up:"When you Do A Thing or Do A Different Thing, add +1 and take +2 momentum.  On a strong hit with a match, take +3 instead"
  • Engine Upgrade: "When you Undertake an Expedition (+edge) and score a strong hit, take +1 momentum; on a strong hit with a 6 on your action die, take +2 momentum instead of +1. "
  • Heavy Cannons: "When you ..., ..., or ..., by [doing a thing in the fiction], add +1 and take +1 momentum on a hit. On a strong hit with a match, take another +1 momentum. "


  • When you _____ (or ____)" ends with a comma
  • Results of the above end with a period.
  • Result-specific changes have a comma after a result, and a period after the effect.
  • Engine Upgrade has a semicolon before "on a strong hit", but it's the only card like that so I wonder if it was an editing miss.
  • Most semicolons seem to be like:
    • "On a [result], you [experience this in the fiction]; [mechanical effect]" (Stealth Tech 3, several others)
    • "On a [result], [mechanical effect]; if [situation in fiction], [additional mechanical effect]" (Grappler 2)

Also, I'd already saved a copy of the Pewtermind card, and some spelling stood out:

  •  "at _crucial_ points"
  • "and _lose_ -1" (but the next ability says "mark -2" -- it seems like the official assets like Expanded Hold use "add" and "suffer" to manage their own resource tracks)

Neat!  I look forward to trying these sometime. :)

In case it wasn't intentional: there's a preview image for Pewtermind, but it's not in the downloads.

I'm not sure how I feel about all the assets being named "Allomancy" with a non-prompt write-in for the flavor -- it might work better folding it up into the Type, like "Path: Allomancy"?

It's neat that you've included 3D-printable game pieces, but I'm generally reluctant to print arbitrary GCode.  Would it be feasible to include the pieces as STL files?

You might want to update the matching screenshot on the store page too. :)

This is making me ponder how "CC No Derivatives" lines up with "This is a set of images to build other things out of". :)

I tried to cut off shipping through the Suez Canal and South of Africa and discovered:

  1. The South extends farther than I expected
  2. The North does NOT extend beyond Russia.

A border and northern sea routes might be nice.  And maybe I'm overthinking this. :)

Makes sense, thanks for the reply!

Once you get Linux sorted, if it would be helpful for someone to try launching the Mac version and report any Console errors, you could maybe publish it to a named branch on Steam.

(I'd be willing to try that, but my laptop is pre-Catalina so people running a current OS may have a different experience)

Just curious, what sort of hurdles are involved re: adding Mac/Linux to the Steam release?

(I'm a programmer, but I haven't released a game except for a web-based LD entry or two)

Just curious: is there a rough timeframe for when this can be updated?  Just so I can make a note to check back a week or so later.

  1. Will the solo adaptation be a new product or an update to this one?
  2. How many players (+GM) are recommended for this?
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Just curious: how much extra work is it in your process to add PDF bookmarks (since they're in the 1.1 PDF but not 1.4)?

(Honestly curious, not passive-aggressive)

Would it be feasible to release a black-text version?  At least on screen, this is hard for my not-quite-young-anymore eyes.

I don't suppose there's a Kickstarter placeholder page so I can click "Remind me!" for when I otherwise don't notice it's gone live in March?

Incidentally, I can remember one other dice-only game: Flip by Cheapass Games

v1.0.2: The "Solo-only rules" section of Page 2 is a repeat of Page 1.  Should it instead be the Actions table?

For those who may wonder where the Endsville Jam is:

is there supposed to be a download link?

For the Bandit: Does "6s explode" mean if I roll a 6, I can choose to make my roll either 6(*explosionCount)+1d6 or a new 1d6?

Workaround: go to the app in Finder, then right-click on it and select "Open".  Then it gives you an option to launch anyway.

....oh, I just noticed that on the Combat screen.  Whoops. :)

Cool game!  It would be helpful to see the achievement-unlock goals in addition to what they do ("am I anywhere near getting the next kind of upgrade?").

Is there not a menu in Chrome with a fullscreen button like on PC/Mac?

Zoom button in Chrome

The zoom button is the box on the right end of the "Zoom" line

It took a while to figure this out -- you click on somewhere in your light radius to build things

According to the Steam page, this is Windows-only there too.

Hi!  I'm trying out Ada Lovelace Saves Christmas, and I'd like to check on a rule:

When there are multiple pieces of evidence in a skill box (like the slingshot/keys/card/gem or meeple/perfume), which is correct?

  • they ALL need to be filled out to invoke the skill once
  • invoke the skill once each time a single piece of evidence's boxes have appropriate numbers

I'm guessing they allow multiple skill-invocations, but I'd like to make sure.

Making sure I understand correctly: in all the "roll N>1 dice" situations, the player picks ONE result to use and that's it for the turn?

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> "All files as are PDFs sized for standard legal paper."

8.5x11" is called Letter paper.  Legal size is 8.5x14".

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Does buying DRM-free here also come with a Steam key?