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(In case it wasn’t deliberate: there aren’t any store-tags declared for this year’s calendar, unlike last year’s)

Welp, looks like my Claim is frozen as-was, but hopefully that will help other people :)

Weird – I see it too if I follow that procedure, and I’ve just downloaded it, but it’s still missing if I click the Download button in the You own this Holiday Zine banner at the top.

The Zine file does not seem to be in the downloads (at the free-claim level), just the other two.

Got it, thanks!

How would you feel about a player-made online, mobile-friendly character sheet & die-roller? And maybe a bit of a noob-card for the basic game loop, page references, etc.

(I haven’t made anything yet. KS backer, I finally started reading it tonight and started thinking about streamlining the record keeping)

(I also thought about map-handling, partly because I forgot to print a map sheet, but that would be a much bigger lift; would be a separate question later)

I mostly ask because it would include the equipment/perk/etc. tables, kinda like Datasworn & Dataforged, and I wouldn’t presume to release something like that without your blessing or a CC license)

(The itch page does not yet have any files available to purchase/download)

The “ZINE” files seem like they were booklet-printed… twice. Or booklet-ordered and then exported as Spreads?

Like, page 2 of the PDF has pages 1,14,13,2 all in a row.

How? I can’t move either.

not an issue if they’re printed out

change the double sided print

I think OP is talking about reading on a computer.

I think OP meant how the top half of any 8-page-1-sheet zine is upside-down.

I’m not actually suggesting you do this, but some projects publish middle-ground screen PDFs like [same format, but all pages are the same orientation for screen viewing] and [phone PDF with each page on its own]

Minor suggestion: please consider renaming the downloads to all start with “Stravagante - “ or similar?

(I download things periodically and only occasionally organize them, so it’s helpful for group sof files to share a prefix)

No worries, better late than never :)

Would it be alright for me to post an English translation at 8.5”x11” with a link to here?

Note: the downloads have two files whose names are the same as two other files, with no way to know how they’re different.

All better, thanks!

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(The download button doesn’t seem to be working; it opens a new tab and then immediately closes it without doing anything)

All better!

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Minor issue: when I downloaded this yesterday, the filament filename in my downloads folder was something really generic, like game_design.pdf

(1 edit)

Congrats, looking forward to trying this!

Just downloaded, one very minor suggestion:

  • Three of the filenames use spaces and one uses underscores.  Maybe make them all the same?
  • Ditto the "v1.1" appearing in 3 different places in the filename
  • (I like the template "Iron Valley v1.1 ____ by M. Kirin.pdf" like the Moves & Calendar, but obviously pick whatever you want)

-Mr. "Let's make all our downloads share a common prefix" ;)

Note: despite them both saying "deutsch",

  • ItsACultRun_Night-02_deutsch.pdf is the English PDF
  • IACR-Map_Night-02_deutsch.pdf is the German PDF

All-In-One Chart: A single page with all the info you'd need for a game? I can do that.

Oh yay, I came here to suggest maybe doing that with the blank page 12 :)

(I ran the PDF through pdfbook2 today, but decided to hold off on printing/stapling it until I could whip up a useful back cover)

(Probably also on your list, and possibly already done, but: maybe also update the 0D0P table in the book with the update that goes to D10?)

(I also made a 2-page version of your character sheet for duplex printing.  I'm not sure I've ever seen a back-and-front character sheet in the wild, but I've wanted one several times.  Maybe that's just me, though.)

Cool, glad to hear you fixed it!

(Curiosity engaged: did you later find a bug that drove up the runtime?  Is your script on GitHub or similar?)


Ditto, since I just have a filament printer (not resin), I can tell this won't come out well unless I make it kinda huge.

I've been wondering, though -- how do you paint the insets like that?  Cover the whole thing and then sand the faces?

No problem!  Though now I see the Core Rule file has disappeared from the Demo section, and the demo says it requires the Core Rules at the top of page 3.

Whoops!  I must not have looked at the project page, sorry to bother. :)

(This update is from 16h ago, but all the files say they're 2 days old -- did you forget to publish the update, or is this post delayed a bit?)

Minor note: when I downloaded the v1.0 demo, I appreciated that all the files started with `Everline_` -- now the character sheet is just `Character Sheet_v1.2.pdf` sitting next to the other 8-or-so "Character Sheet (4).pdf" files in my not-sorted-enough Downloads folder.

Also, there's an extra space between the underscore and "Core Rule" :)

Looking forward to trying it!

(Typo on the J page: "the restof your journey")

Thanks, I appreciate that!

Note: there seems to be a fan revision of this available for free at

What's the intended mapping of 2d6 onto the single-d6 week table?

  • Pick one and write about it?
  • Write one feeling and one detail about each?
  • Write a feeling related to one and a detail related to the other?
  • [Intentionally ambiguous, do any of the above or something else]?
  • [Other]?

The file opens fine for me (Mac/Preview) but it's just the hex-grid without any of the other tables.

Would it be feasible to release 2-page versions for duplex printing?

Sweet, thank you! I look forward to reading it!  Merry Christmas!

Thanks!  I've printed that and will be reading it soon :)

This looks neat!  I don't suppose there's a low-ink version on the horizon?  The white-on-blue looks pretty, but the right panels seem a bit low-contrast for my eyes.

Minor note: I totally agree about the artwork in the original Mythic GME, and at some point in the last couple years it's had an art refresh to replace all of those images.

Thanks for the update!