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For the Bandit: Does "6s explode" mean if I roll a 6, I can choose to make my roll either 6(*explosionCount)+1d6 or a new 1d6?

Workaround: go to the app in Finder, then right-click on it and select "Open".  Then it gives you an option to launch anyway.

....oh, I just noticed that on the Combat screen.  Whoops. :)

Cool game!  It would be helpful to see the achievement-unlock goals in addition to what they do ("am I anywhere near getting the next kind of upgrade?").

Is there not a menu in Chrome with a fullscreen button like on PC/Mac?

Zoom button in Chrome

The zoom button is the box on the right end of the "Zoom" line

It took a while to figure this out -- you click on somewhere in your light radius to build things

According to the Steam page, this is Windows-only there too.

Hi!  I'm trying out Ada Lovelace Saves Christmas, and I'd like to check on a rule:

When there are multiple pieces of evidence in a skill box (like the slingshot/keys/card/gem or meeple/perfume), which is correct?

  • they ALL need to be filled out to invoke the skill once
  • invoke the skill once each time a single piece of evidence's boxes have appropriate numbers

I'm guessing they allow multiple skill-invocations, but I'd like to make sure.

Making sure I understand correctly: in all the "roll N>1 dice" situations, the player picks ONE result to use and that's it for the turn?

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> "All files as are PDFs sized for standard legal paper."

8.5x11" is called Letter paper.  Legal size is 8.5x14".

Elsinore community · Created a new topic Steam key too?

Does buying DRM-free here also come with a Steam key?