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Do you have a text list for all of the crops? Most are obvious but there's a handful I can't seem to identify.

I'm looking for prepared meals (dishes that could be baked over a firepit, basic homecooked meals, nicer restaurant meals), and anything else that could be used as part of a cooking system. I have the rest of your tilesets for creating cooking/dining areas and am loving playing with them. Looking forward to collecting your future packs, too!

Thank you so much for this tileset! Are there any plans for a restaurant equivalent I could also throw money at? :)

This might be the same problem I just ran into. There's either been an update with the plugin or with MZ itself. The plugin now requires an extra switch to verify the spawn success; I named mine <Self>Spawn Success - I only just figured it out minutes ago so it isn't specific yet, and edited step 3 of the plugin command.

Caz - your current template doesn't need it to work, but when we c/p the template this new third step is automatically added in. 

This is something I've already fixed myself for my own game, but others might have trouble until they've played around a little more. I'd like to thank you for making these templates, and I can't wait to see (and buy) what you put out for us next. :)