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Ed Herrera

A member registered Mar 17, 2021

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Khoroshev, its been a while, but is the full game release yet?

I instanly notice something sus

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Happy new year 2022!


I did 1 shot in level 15


Hi guys, im back

i did 0.08

The game/test just exit itself after i kill him?

HA!!!!!!!!!! XDDDDD

baba is you in jam build does not work in windows 10 right, well i run on 8.1

wait a minute, are we using 'baba is language'?


Is anyone speedrunning Mallory

Great game



Ivan Khoroshev, i was thinking about the full game that will be, many cutscenes, bug fixes, full game playtime average: about 2 to 5 hours, endings and few console like xbox one, playstation, steam, etc... also can you show me or add the main menu screenshots pls? remember that i cant play your game because i have an error UwU.


wait a minute. This game is programed by Unreal Engine


When i was playing evolution on browser, and click any buttons here like name, congurations etc. then it crashes the web browser

But playing on downloaded file works properly but when i was trying to find something that is like this (go to 0:52) but not this (go to 2:34) i cant find this and i was thinking if i had a problem but without an error

and also this

pls can u fix this problem

i tried to press enter but it didnt work and another enter either!

Baba is pirate

Did you know KILL was renamed to DEFEAT after the full game


ok and yesteday i was finding a  dx11 feature 10.0 download when i download this site here and i got the error while opening setup and avg tried to stop this because is a malware but today im going another website here i installed it and works perfectly but i had a problem i was trying to decline some programs during setup then install dx11 feature level 10.0 but then he tried to install programs when i say Decline and i got been tricked with these programs and im tried use control panel to uninstall programs where setup install some programs and im done with this thing here and also i like your protagonist character(you made this) and cute also your protagonist charatcer looks like is from SFM videos or something.

i had troubeshooting of this error: DX11 feature level 10.0 is required to run the engine.


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...also i like your game :)

edit: forgot to say it, when was demo released

is this game on demo and what date will release in full game?