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Created a new topic i'd (also) like more!

I love what you have so far, the art style/atmosphere/gameplay works so well together and you managed to get me invested in these two in such a short amount of time!!

very small and cute!

@MizumoriFumaira: if you treat the chessboard as a standard x & y axis, the queen goes at (1,3) and the pawn goes at (3,2).

also if anyone wants to help me out on the cauldron puzzle that'd be great :] (i can't tell what the 3rd and 4th ingredients are and it's throwing me off)

i liked it right up until the epilogue... which is like wtf, way to be unnecessarily serophobic and gross?

I loved this game soo much, gosh, the concept is great and it's so much fun to play, I think the balance of lore/character dev/gameplay is perfect! 5/5 I love it <3