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i actually loved this game. i got so upset that it ended so quickly, because i was invested. i can't wait for the full game

the scares def got me in some parts. it was sketchy as hell, but i liked it. i love games with art styles like this, especially horror games.

i lowkey had a hard time getting the fishing in this game, but i loved how weird it was. It was really weird and creepy. i liked it tho. i played it at 7:30

I played the game at 14:17. I always love horror games that have this style. I love the retro/low-poly style to horror games. I used to follow the old creepypastas all the time, so I really liked this game!

I'm filipino myself, so I immediately wanted to play this game. It was goofy, and that's why i really liked it. it's a better game when you are familar with the resturant, and that was the case for me!

I thought the game was pretty fine. I don't know why I found it kinda funny, but it was good! I played it at 9:37

this was definitely the best demo to a game i've ever played. if this demo had this much depth in it, i can't wait for the full game. it had a ton of things to do and i loved searching for secrets in the game. i loved it!

Holy this game was great. I can't wait for new content. I was playing the game wrong at first, but once I got it, it was a great experience. I love the variety of the characters too. Loved it!

the bit at the end was a nice feature. the whole test was really well done

I wasn't expecting that ending. i loved how the game progressed. it was scary!

weeping angel snowmen.

i love these low-poly (sorta) vibe to it. it helped with the atmosphere. good job!

I did not expect this from a christmas game. it was great! it was unique

my fav part was what was under the bed.

a simple, yet well made game. I wasn't expecting the random jumpscares

that snowman will definitely haunt me for the rest of my life tbh

I was not expecting this game to be that scary, but it was. It reminded me of analog horror a bit. 

its a really short game that was fun to play. simple, but good!

this was definitely the horror game of all time. it was such an emotional horror game and i just couldn't stop crying by the end. 10/10

i love japanese horror games and this was really good too. definitely wasn't expecting some of the jumpscares. overall, really gooddd

god, this game was really good. it made me unsettled, mostly from the audio cues. it was really good.

this game had me at the edge of my seat. it was intense and i loved the way the flashlight moved. it added to the environment. i loved it.

this was such a unique game. i love how it tells the story as you clean such window. it's creative. i loved it.

I can't wait to see how you expand on this game. It such a great start. It was really fun.

im rlly late to this game, but this was a pretty decent horror game. there really should be more japanese urban legend horror games. this one was fun to play

this was a nice short horror game, but the settings menu was definitely the creepiest part of the entire game lmao. But it was a nice experience

I loved playing this game.  It reminded me so much of P.T, which I didn't get to play, but I watched other people play it on youtube. Playing something similar to that game was great! It was a really nice experience. I wasn't really expecting that ending lmao.
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I got granny vibes from this game. your game was the fourth game I played, 6:55. the ps1 graphic games are always my favorite. I liked it

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you're game was the second game I played, 3:42. the update also came out right as I was about to upload. so the updated version I played is at the end of the video, 11:43. this was a fun little horror game. I liked it

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idk why I got slender man vibes from the game because of the pages. your game was the third game I played, 5:37. It was a nice little game

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very short but good game. the beginning was pretty funny. you're game was the first one I played, 0:37

don't mind the thumbnail. this game had me on the edge of my seat. it was really well put together. I'd love this see more stuff like this where it interacts with your webcam or even microphone.

I really wished the game was longer. It had a really cool concept. Hope you'll build on this sometime soon. It was nice to play around with.

it was a fun minecraft horror game. I really liked playing it. IGN would think the same.

the game was actually pretty good. The VHS tapes, especially the second one, was pretty unnerving to listen too. Wished the ending of have been a little bit more than what it was. But the atmosphere of the game was amazing. I enjoyed it tbh!

I actually love the concept of this game so much. I really hope it gets expanded in the future. This is definitely one of my favorite horror games I've played. It's so simple, yet so effective. 

I jumped so hard on one of the jumpscares. This was a really good low-poly horror game. Loved the atmosphere. Would definitely like to see more!

I love this concept. I really hope it gets expanded on. I can't wait for what's next! The atmosphere is great.

I cannot wait for the full game. If it's anything like this, I'm really looking forward to it. This was a great demo to show it off!