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I had so much fun with this game. I ended up wanting more in the end. The art-style of the game is also perfect. I need more PLEASE.

I played this game at 03:55. I definitely wasn't expecting that. I had fun playing this game, especially the driving part.

I played this game at 00:44.  This game was so ghetto and I loved it. It was fun lmao.

I played this game at 08:49. It was a funny christmas horror game and I actually had a fun time with it. Would definitely recommend. 

I played this at 14:07. I was little slow in the head in the beginning when I played this, but once I got it, it was a fun experience. I liked playing it.

I played this game at 13:07. This was a nice short christmas horror game. I liked it :)

I played this game at 21:06. Low poly horror games are my favorite. So I instantly loved this christmas horror game. It was great!

I really love how at the end it gives some backstory. I always enjoy low-poly horror games. This is exactly why! This was a great experience to play!

wow! that was an extremely unique take on a horror game. I love the low poly setting. That always tends to make me feel unsettled in a way. Please build on this concept. I'd love to see more.

don't mind the title. this game was pretty scary. I even got jumpscared by the door noises when you open them. overall, I'd give the game mcdonalds out of 10.

it was pretty glitchy, but it was a good halloween game! Can't wait for this to evolve into something more

short game, but actually funny. Chucky was the best part.

I loved this game. It was a nice game to play on Halloween. I liked the atmosphere. It was really good!

got all 3 endings. this game actually made me tense up a little. It was great!

I freaking love retro games and I liked playing this one. That jumpscare definitely got me lmao. The game actually got me a few times. Nice job!

The amount of jumpscares got me so many times lmao. It was a great horror game! It had me on the edge of my seat.

I can't wait for the full game! It's already a cool concept itself. I love that you turned Mario into a horror game.

This was actually the most I've jumped in a short amount of time while playing a horror game. This was a really cool idea! I loved it. I loved the atmosphere too.

you should definitely try to make a home invasion game. I loved how it told the story as you interacted with the environment. it created such a scary atmosphere. It was a great game!

everything, the atmosphere, the way the flashlight works, it's all incredible! The flashlight is one of the main things that made this game creepier for me. I loved it! It was really tense.

Wow! I loved the atmosphere of this game. It was actually really scary. It was a short horror game, but it was really creepy.

very short game, but it was still really good. The atmosphere of the game was eerie. I love the low-poly style of the game to. 

This was a fantastic horror game. I love VHS games and this one definitely didn't disappoint. I actually didn't know that the more you play, the more events occur, so I'll definitely come back to play it. Other than that, I loved the atmosphere and audio queues that played. It was pretty good.

Okay, I liked the concept of this game. The fact that it's randomized where the man checks is great. At first, I actually thought it was in a certain pattern, but it wasn't. I wasn't able to beat the game, but I did like the concept of it. It was very well done and should definitely be built upon. 

I play the game at 03:44. In conclusion, very spooky, very good, tasty noodles.

I play the game at 00:26. This game was actually stunning to look at. Not only that, but it's environment and atmosphere was really scary.  You should definitely build upon this game. Would love to see more.

I play the game at 06:23. For your first horror game, it definitely was very good. Keep it up! I'd love to see more from you!

I play the game at 06:53. I love how funny this game is. It doesn't take itself seriously and that's honestly great! Very funny game. 

I play the game at 04:44. Wow. This game is absolutely beautiful. It makes McDonalds look like Shakespeare. 10/10, would play again. 

The play the game at 00:52. HOLY! I loved the atmosphere to this game. It's really short, yet it can be really unnerving at times. Especially to those game who have a fear of clowns. Great Work! I love your art style too.

I recorded this during a school night haha, sorry if it's hard to hear me. But even if the game is simple, it is still pretty well executed at what it's trying to do. Definitely build upon this concept!

I play the game at 05:04. This game was trippy, but really well done. It definitely freaked me out.  I also really loved the art style of the game. Making the colors dull makes the environment more creepy to look at.

I play the game at 02:41. I'm actually filipino myself so I had to play this, because it was made by filipino developers.  AND IT WAS GREAT. I actually screamed the most when playing this game. Can't wait for the full game to release!

I play the game at 00:29. I really did love the art style of the game. I love how simple yet cool it looks. I definitely do think this concept should be built more, because it was REALLY unique!

this game was the second coming of christ. it was so good. thank you for such an emotional experience

MAKE THE GAME LONGER! That was really good too! Definitely did not expect that ending part. Great work!

I was not expecting it to be a backrooms game. Nevertheless, it was a well made game. I am a BIG fan of low poly games like these. Hopefully you'll make more!

Okay, that was incredible! I actually loved the atmosphere of the game. It made me feel a bit uneasy. It was very trippy too! Great work! 

okay, there actually need to be more games like this. I've actually never seen this before and I loved it! I also love how you can completely disobey Amanda. Great work!