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Alright, that was fun, 

Semi-vague spoilers bellow

I truly /loved/ the story,

the stat boost/level up Charity got was a nice touch,

And most of the story was adorable in general, I always love the party at the end of the game

D'awww... Adorable, just like all the others, 

simple, 5 stars

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0 hp, still alive, that's what we call a determined soul.

(SPOILERS for an ending)

maida vale, hm..

(SPOILERS for an ending)

I must say that I enjoyed being a CAT,

60139226497, decent items, and tough enough to not  be an absolute cake walk, also allows for almost any class to work

take all the time you need for updates, like I always say,  a rushed game is a buggy mess, and don't forget about motivation, work too much and you might lose said motivation, we all care about ya' here :D

Ohh my, this is amazing, just like Bad Ritual, (I know they're compared a lot so just another grain in the bucket)


I personally love Zed (and his family's (and possibly other characters)) abilities to speak with the plants, and I can't wait to see more from this game,


I'm personally playing serene-tone and mixed routes (2 save files (haven't gotten to triggers route yet), all serene set)

That was just a DEMO?

holy bajesus, that was fun. I can't wait to see where this leads,

here comes Adbaldar the blight-caster, but that's just a side note-

I wish that when ya' finish the ending, ya' would be able to press the back button whenever, since- you're pretty much in sandbox-time at that point,

Oh my wow.. after playing the first three chapters of summoners gate, I understand the connections

alright, I must say, this is one of my favorite text based games, despite there being only 3 chapters, I am excited to see the fourth, no matter how long it takes, I'll be sure to come back one day, even if it means just replaying the 3 current chapters

sad that there's only 3 saves tho, I wish I could have one save for each demon

Darn, quite short, but I really see this going somewhere, but for now, its short and sweet, and I shall wait until it be complete.

I would love to see a sequel to this,


everything EXCEPT the orange area is possible without killing (or consuming) ANYONE,

Personal note:


its easy, just press space right when you start,

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darn, sorry Biscuit #3,  I regret blowing you to bits, but when the developer (or the narrator I can't remember) said that my actions have consequences in this game, I just went 'oh hey was does this button do' 

oh, is it a consequence remover? I think so- let me press it... Oh! Yup, Biscuit is back! Yayyy!


this is the highest I got, dynasty is BROKEN if you can get enough in a row

I just had a lot of fun creating a dragon, here's a few of the pictures, thank you for making this!


samem 20.252K specifically

As a lover of code and computer stuff along those lines, this hits my core, but I won't stay here too long, I don't want to rant your ears off for too long XD

^this comment is giving me motivation to play again, thanks XD^

This game is AWESOME, I don't know how to explain it but its satisfying to just PAVE through enemies, 

(Sentinels split arrow is OP, along with any multi-hit, especially when boosted with focus)

My question is, where is the space invaders family? wasn't there like- way more of them?

Vampire 3 or higher + melee weapon is pretty good, talk about bringing a knife to a gun fight XD

Bro- this was fun but I just 1 shot 'the forgotten king' I get why he's forgotten XD

I'mmm baaaackkk,  hope I didn't miss any updates-

I am personally feeling yes (yes=good) I'm planning on grinding some games aswell-

Heyaaa, eclipse trap back to check on this, even though there are no updates this game is still awesome,
random question : howsit goin? more specifically how's your day been goin?

definately, good luck!

sometimes you need to apply boost when its on the movement up or left so that you don't get sent off into the water and vice versa for the left side of the screen

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prob possible to get to 6000 but am to lazy to perfect it

edit : I was wrong, 6000 is easily possible

 doubled, thanks for the challenge idea!

The characters update is AWESOMEE

eyyyy, loved the original and still play it on kong, I think I just 100%-ed the original just recently and cant wait for this game ( Can't download it though, so I hope a browser version does come soon)


wow this game is epic- (I noticed a small detail, the tank rotates when you go to the side's of the planet )

is there going to be any updates coming to the game?

this is my type of game, it's epic, good work! (dis is on my 'gud games' list :D)

Yea but that's mid/later in the game I was talkin' early game

wow- you kept the joke up for more then 7 months-

I broke 23,my tip is to not take the starting gun's. use punches to beat the 1st guy to get his gun, if you have no gun and feel overwhelmed then run in circles around the map, only take the starting guns as a LAST RESORT.