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Haunting your own house is an interesting game concept. Most of the sound effects and graphics were good. The ending was unexpected.

Just some things that might be looked into:

Need a way to pause and make it easier to adjust the gamma in game. 

I had a lot of difficulty interacting with some objects for some reason. Only worked after reinstalling the game.

The scares could use some polishing. The creepy girl and generic scary little girl music jumpscare was a little cheesy. And having two of them back to back even more so. The game probably could've worked well without them. The writing on the walls and the ending may have been sufficient I think. 

Great game concept!

Post Jam version was definitely more polished than the game jam version. Well done.

I know how it feels to procrastinate on a project, and then just make something for the sake of making something. I know I have several unfinished series on my channel I can't be bothered with XD But it's good you're putting yourself out there. Best of luck on future endeavors. 

I think I may have triggered a scare without seeing what happened when I walked into the kitchen. Maybe that can be looked into?

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Not bad. I especially liked the music and sound effects which are important to build atmosphere. 

Something that might be improved upon: The objectives weren't always clear at first. I wasn't sure what happened when went through the door labeled "RC." I'm guessing that I went to work? Maybe adding some dialogue as to what the character wants/needs might help with that.

If ever you decided to expand upon the project or create a new one, here are a couple things I think the game could be enhanced with: More interactable items (like the computer, the fridge, stove, sink, bathroom, etc.). Maybe even interacting with the neighbors, or being able to hear footsteps/talking/tv above or next to your apartment. 

Beautiful game! 

Just some things I noticed that will hopefully be resolved in the final product:

It was a little difficult to rotate things to examine them.

Enemy "naruto" running seemed a little bit odd. Combat felt a little funky. 

The sound effects and music I think could use a little more work. Maybe add some more intense music for the combat scenes and also for Cthulhu's appearance at the end. 

It wasn't always clear where the borders were. The layout of the land made it look like you could walk over the rocks fairly easily. But when I tried to do so, I was met with a bunch of invisible walls. 

Hello, I played through this a few times, and overall it's good. I like how interactive the game is, and slow build up. 

The next several playthroughs were a little weird though: The second time I played through it, after going to bed as normal, I woke up in the kitchen instead of the bedroom. The next few times I played through I woke up in the bedroom, but it was the bedroom with the boarded up crawlspace. The bedroom door was locked and I couldn't go anywhere. Anyway, not sure if that was a bug or if it was intentional to make you feel trapped. Also the save system didn't seem to do anything. I would always start at the beginning when trying to load a save.

Fantastic atmosphere in this game! I was on edge the whole time in the bunker area.

finally got around to posting the rest of it. It was a great game with a great story! 

the  dialogue towards the end was a bit too loud for some reason, but I think the music volume was better. Trying to find what items go with what was a bit challenging, but I guess that's just one of the perks that come with a point- and- click type of game. 

I enjoyed it! I've only played the first few minutes since that's all I had time for today. I intend to play the rest later though. But I loved the art style, the voice acting was good, I got some good spooks!

Other things I noticed, the volume of the music didn't seem consistent, or it seemed much much louder in some parts than others which surprised me a little bit. I actually downloaded the game from Steam, so I'm not sure if that had any bearing on the game settings. I did end up lowering the game volume to a little lower than 50% and it still seemed a bit too loud in some parts.

Fantastic atmosphere! I like the art style, and the "found footage" theme was appropriate for the story.

It would've been nice to have more time to read the text in the beginning and at the end of the game.
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I LOVED this game. The game mechanics were clever, the message was unsettling, and the theme is fitting for the times. 

I got 2 endings. I hope that was all of them. Otherwise, I may just not have thought outside the box enough ;)

Well that was an experience XD I had fun with it

Hello! I think I found a bug and I seem to be stuck. I got to the forest part, after getting the items from the cabin. For a while I walked around and couldn't find anything "deeper into the woods" as per instructions. I did manage to go through a patch of trees, and then further down and that's where the glitch was. I managed to get *inside* the old cabin somehow  as well as what I think was supposed to be the next place. When I went all the way to the right side of the screen, 006 went completely off screen. Everything up until that point was fine though. 

Stunningly beautiful demo! I'm stoked for the full game!

It may have been just the particular audio profile that I chose, but sometimes the sound seemed to move behind me when it wasn't supposed to. I will have to try with other audio profiles I guess.
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Fantastic game! I have little to add to the previous comments. Just that I look forward to your future projects! It's a story that I'll be mulling over for a while, I think.

I played it twice and managed to join the ranks of the Librarians (I guess?) my second time around. I had to scrap my first recording, unfortunately, but here is one of my second play through if you care to see it. 

It's a neat concept. If ever you decide to expand upon it, I might recommend adding more stuff to interact with and make it a bit longer.

It plays nice and I like PS-style games. If ever you decide to expand on it, maybe include some more backstory :)


Creepy game :) Wouldn't mind seeing more to it.

Great game! After a few attempts I finally got the good ending. 

minor complaint: I kept getting stuck on stuff... boxes, pieces of paper, and I even got stuck on the muffler after putting it on the car.

Great little game! 

The "try again" option didn't seem to do anything. Fortunately, this game is short enough that it didn't really matter though. 
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Fantastic game!

edit: It didn't occur to me until after uploading I completely bypassed a lot of stuff in the woods XD 

Woops. Great game nonetheless.

Thanks for the demo. I don't have much to add to the previous comments, but here is my playthrough of it. It's the first game in the video.

Loved this game and the game concept!

Enjoyed your game!

Certainly not bad for something made by 1 person in 10 days. I would maybe recommend having the notes proofread though. 

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I enjoyed the weird fever dream. I *think* I got both endings but it was hard to tell what the title of the second ending was.

Lovely graphics and narration! Enjoy my amateur playthrough.

Lovely art style, interesting story, and great writing!

Fun little game! Very scary and well done!

I love these pixelated horror games. Got some creepy vibes. This looks like it's going to be a good game :)


The sound effects were good. Made for a very creepy environment. I always felt like there was something behind me as I walked through the fields. The dog animation was a little funny though. 

(0:00 - 11:37)

Quite unsettling

(first game i played in this video)

Interesting concept! 


Simplistic, but enjoyable!


This game had great atmosphere!


Excellent writing, beautiful art, and great sound effects! Puzzle difficulty was neither obscure nor too easy - they were just right for me. 

Neat concept! Managed to get 3 endings (Moral Neutral, Truth, and Psychopath). 

Neat little experience!