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I have just sent the info your way!

Hey! Sorry for such a long time w/o a response. I have been working hard to have a prototype. I will send you an email hopefully soon! I still would love to work with you and am looking forward to it! More details/info/possible prototype on its way!

This is awesome! -- Super intreseted in working w/ you for a game. I would love to tell you all about, maybe a bit more private though lol.

:) this is awesome! Maybe in the future I will use this!

Thanks! I will send you some details, hopefully we can work something out!

This looks amazing! I would love to work on a project w/ you!

This is incredible! I would love to work on a game project w/ you!

This looks awesome! I would love to work on a project w/ you! HMU if you are intrested!

Awesome! Do you have an email, skype, or twitter?

This is awesome! I would love to work w/ you on a game project!

This is amazing! I would love to work with you on a project!

Looks great :P I would love to work with you on a game! If your interested hmu! @hampel_evan dms open!

Sounds good! It was fun play-through -- it's pretty hard el oh el.

Cool game! There are a couple bugs I bet you could fix easily! You can both click and use arrow keys to navigate on the menu! When you click it doesn't make the color change but when you use the arrow keys it does! Awesome game! I can't wait for more updates!

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Hey! @hampel_evan on twitter :D Im working on a really cool game! I would love for you to join the team and possibly work on some art!