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This is really nice :)

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I can't figure out the puzzle, also can't brute force it >w< Alsooo can't figure out how to close it without task manager ;3; so that's a thing too-
Edit: Watched a video to find the solution, i did that and it didn't work :/ i was going cw and everything... I also got every phone call one after another, didn't realize that wasn't supposed to happen

swipe up/down with 2 fingers to scroll on a trackpad~

i would also like to play but only have windows

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Every time I click, I get 4 tea leaves. Is it a bug or am I just very lucky?
I did more and got other numbers, I was just very lucky! :D

While I get what you're saying, I gotta disagree. I thought the interruptions were just enough to let the player know that it's very awkward between Adventurer and Horns before it outright tells us. I don't think it would've felt the same without it

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oh? i thought that was intended, huh... I can only get 1 of each no matter how much I click

Wow! This game is so good, it's like a social puzzle! 

I really don't understand what I'm looking for?

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How do I side step people? They just move with me :(

u gotta click the heart. it's right over the coffee cup so kinda hard to notice

He died huh

Can't really play, the back button freezes the game and I can't select anything in the combs, I assume because I have no coins? Not sure how to get coins either :/
Cute art, good music, but the game isn't really working...

This is really well made and I like the game/message, very clever,especially the "fetus-view" that makes the ending even more unexpected. The ending itself was a bit quick tho imo. I understand making it blunt for shock value, but the way it was presented didn't really give that feeling imo. It just felt a bit lighter than expected.

hey u run out of memory if you type smash mouth lyrics. i assume other things too but im not sure, since i didnt try anything else

absolutely agree, needs sequel. id love to see cooldog try to show us how to hold our hands

hey uhhh when the narrator gets replaced at Circle, is it supposed to just vibe on the music for like 30 seconds?

is it supposed to restart after 3 areas? seems incredibly short, i also never encountered what i saw in the gif

Wow! this is wild, i like it

When I leave a memory, can other people see it? I like that :)

I am here! and I don't know :( that's rude of them

yay, me too!

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I had a doctor say to me "You seem fine... but obviously you're not" and if I'm ever a doctor, that's the only way I'll ever say that phrase
we still figuring stuff out, she's my most recent doc, she's nice :)
wishing devs and all in the comments luck~

Edit: omg and the endocrinologist looks like my doctor too! she's my gyno but pretty much acts like my GP right now (as much as she can)

I like this game! I can't entirely relate to the symptomatic side, but the maze of doctors is so accurate

Nice, simple room <3

Very cute but I'm confused how I can do good? It says enter keywords and, for example on the first one I say "Concussion, Collaborative Care, Cognitive  Behavioral Therapy, CBT, Sleep" and I get -27?
Also, the article puzzle is really broken. You can't click (er, spacebar) and drag, and the hitboxes on some pieces are strange. Like, you try to click one, but instead it activates the hitbox for one all the way across the page :/
Very cute art style and dialogue, and a very good concept, I just wish I could really understand how to play?

I really like it, but I'm getting a bug(?) in web mode where when I click the music thing the whole game freezes until i click something else, is that button supposed to mute music?

I've never heard of One, E, or Ey as pronouns. One feels, like, unattached to gender, but not in the dehumanizing way It does. E feels like the binary version of "they" if that makes sense. Like, it's in the realm of she/he but still ambiguous. Ey has kindof an opposite feel. I'm still figuring out my own stuff, those three stood out tho, I'll look more into them and the people who use them!