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A member registered Feb 12, 2017

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The voice acting was amazing! It didn't sound choppy, it was very clear, as well as emotion flowing through the voices. I have to give credit to the art as well, the background was quite beautiful and the characters- I don't know where to start! The clothing choice and facial features varied between each character, and the eye style is quite eye catching! *badum-tss* I'm really excited for the full game! Keep up the amazing work!

Oh my gosh, I didnt even realize I got a reply, I don't believe it would be necessary, I think having that little challenge and the thinking to it is great, especially when the reward you get for the strategic thinking is getting Toa back! And Yeah! The way Jett and Toa react to eachother is actually really well thought out, their personalities are just too perfect and realistic, really makes you wonder if the characters were based off of real people and a real relationship! As well as Irene, even though she doesn't get as much screen time as the wonderful couple, her behavior is really funny, and at the same time sweet, with how she supports Jett and helps him best she can without being there! I'm planning to actually work on game design and animations for the future, and on behalf of that, I can say this game is the biggest inspiration to me, I loved it so much and I love all your work! I encourage you to keep doing wonderful games like this!

This was such a cute game! I love it so much! I had a little trouble with the grey squares part, but other then that, amazing game! The characters are so adorable and its nice to see how they act around eachother!