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Another short horror game that I have enjoyed by Bored Leviathan. I liked the atmosphere, lightning and sound design was good. Wasn't a fan of the main mechanic but was still an enjoyable game that kept me on the edge and was done very well. Always look forward to any games you do!

I went into this game not expecting much at all. Turned out it was better made than i expected and I actually enjoyed it and got a good laugh. Keep up the good work.

Game is done well for one week of development.  Will have to check out your other games.

It is well done for how short it is and being done in 24 hours. People with Ophidiophobia will have a good time lol.

Will have to check out Choo-Choo Charles when its out

Very well done game! love the atmosphere and the creepy vibe it gave off especially once you noticed certain things happening in the background. Only issue I had was getting stuck on the stairs in front of the hotel room. Looking forward to the next episode!

I enjoyed this game more than I thought I would. great idea and concept. only issue was trying to find the board. I would like to see this game expanded on and made into a bigger project!

I actually really like the concept of this demo! It reminded me of those found footage horror movies. My only issue I had was trying to open up the doors as I wasn't pressing E while looking at the door handles. Apart from that great demo and I look forward to the full game 

For a very short horror experience this was done well, especially the ending! I wasn't a fan of the zoom in to interact with things though. I would really like to see this game expanded on! as i think it has a lot of potential to be something bigger. 

This demo has really good atmosphere, good graphics and the lighting was spot on, which all added to the creepy vibe you'll expect from this. The only issue for me was the head bobbing motion. Apart from that, very enjoyable demo and I look forward to the full game!

What a great game by Emika. The atmosphere and visuals are great the sound is amazing like always. At first I thought it relied on jumpscares but I was mistaken and enjoyed the whole experience, the scares were done really well. Was excited to see that its connected to your upcoming game ''From Day To Day'' as I've been waiting for that since I first found out about it at start of the year. Keep up the amazing work!

Interesting concept and art design. and for a Level Design assignment its really good! Only issue I had was falling off the map at the end when credits are rolling. Although this doesnt affect any gameplay as games over, I just wanted to throw it out there! Good work again and hope you all did well in your assignment!

good short experience. You wanted it to be stressful and it definitely was haha! Be interested to see what is next with this game.

This was actually done really well, good concept and was a fun short experience. Keep up the good work :D

I really like the concept of this game! I actually enjoyed the game more than I thought I would. Looking forward to the other episodes! Keep up the good work :D

Been waiting for you to release a new game! As always, good atmosphere and fun game. Always looking forward to your releases.

Also any slight hint at what you will be working on next? :D

Late on playing this but once again thanks to the Peekaboo Collection I was able to play it! Another unique experience but enjoyable experience. Keep up the good work Vidas!

Also was wondering who did the voice acting in the Peekaboo Collection?

2nd game I played from the Peekaboo Collection, What a good, weird and unique game. I recommend people playing it themselves to have the full experience.

I only just came across this due to the Peekaboo Collection on Steam. And wow! what an experience this was. Had a lot of fun playing it and is worth the pick up. Keep up the good work! I got to play your other games soon!

 Alot of quality went into this and it is shown. I did get abit confused with some parts, the hints helped abit though. My main issue was clicking on stuff like the chair to move it. I spent ages trying to find the right angle to be able to move it. Apart from that its a good demo!
Also I only just realised that the full release is out already but played this demo.

Even though super short its done well. Graphics nice, atmosphere is good Story is sad and depressing and i wish it was longer as I think it had more story that could of been told to lead up to the final part. Apart from that good job!

I actually enjoyed this game more than I expected! Really like the concept of it and was done well and very interesting. Would like to see this expanded on!

You made this game for me? THANK YOU haha! Was definitely an interesting weird game. I got lost but realised everything was pretty close so the 2nd run through to get the 2nd ending was quick! Just realised theres a part 2! Might have to play that soon too.

Enjoyed the game and the atmosphere was good! Wish it was longer though and had more of a story to it. Apart from that really well done! Will have to check out your other horror game

Atmosphere is good, and concept seems interesting, although I had no idea what the story is about playing through the demo. But apart from that good job and will be interesting to see how the full game turns out

Good atmosphere, interesting concept and design, good voice acting and just an overall good game and experience. My only issue was I found some of the notes hard to read because I couldnt zoom on a couple of them too well. But apart from that good job and I'll like to see this extended on.

This is a good unqiue game! I have never played a game like this before and enjoyed every part of it.  Good work would love to see more!

Tried this during Steam Next Fest.  Atmosphere was nice and it seemed like it may have potential. I found the movements abit slow and I wish the prologue was longer as I felt like I didnt absorb enough from it. Apart from that really good job and I'll check out the full game once released.

Tried this during Steam Next Fest, and I enjoyed it alot. Even though this is a really short demo it makes me want to try the full game when it is out.  Also I really  liked the movements of the person at the end, was done well!

WIll be keeping my eyes out for it!

I played this during Steam Next Fest so I'm not sure if theres been changes since. I like the atmosphere, concept of it and the voice acting.  I did manage to get lost abit because I didnt realise the safe was under the note. I also  didn't realise I got another text. Apart from that good  job and I'm looking forward to trying out the full game! 

Although I played an older version, I really enjoyed this demo! Very interesting idea and fun concept. Story seems good and has nice voice acting. Looking forward to the end project! 

haha! was definitely worth the laugh

I only just came across this game and its an interesting game with a nice atmosphere. I wasn't a big fan on the ending but apart from that was a good short horror. Also, I was trying to figure out where I heard the radio voice from and realised you also did Paranormal Entities which is a fantastic short horror!

I actually really enjoyed this game! It was better than I expected. Just wish it was longer as I was just getting into it! 

For your first game you did a good job Max! I had a little issue with the event triggering in the bathroom then i got stuck behind the bathroom door haha! But apart from that nice short horror and would like to see what you do next.

For a really short horror game it isnt bad, but I did wish there was a little more to it. Although I was abit confused to what was happening. Apart from that good job!

Enjoyed the atmosphere and the objectives in this game. I feel like the phone was a little hard to read and the ojbective due to the size of the text. Apart from that decent short horror game