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Well, I've tried it, it was really short, but it didn't work on me, guess I have no fears related to "endless" stairs.  Well, I even hesitated going down, but as it was "Upstairs" I went up :p

Upstairs start at 4:00

I did it for her, and actually I really enjoyed it !  Going through the game is simple enough, cute and dark in the same time . I did the Puppet ending for the first run, did a second one for the video, then ended up playing it three more  times to get the other endings ( well once i've read the ending names, it was crystal clear ) 

Events are nicely done, they're not scary, but you can feel something isn't right in the game even before seeing the end. That said I was expecting more of them or at least different ones depending of what we were doing.

Anyway, it's a really nice game, with a simple yet effective creepy side  =)

( Do it for me start at  6:14 )

Hello ! I've played Backrooms and it was enjoyable, not really scary, but those bright rooms and the sounds did the job there ! And it got me once ( well the character's scream did it, I didn't expected it, as I've seen nothing  before the scream).  

Now, I had one game where "friends" didn"t appear ( well they did for a minute then nothing happened, no spawn, no monster sounds, just the buzzing lights and the music ), unfortunately I don't know what happened here, all I can say is that it stopped after a minute, last monster sound I heard was the invisible one, in the back. ( And it somehow add a creppier atmosphere, being alone in those rooms :p ) 

Anyway, here's my playthrough (Medium, then Backrooms difficulty). It's in french, I'll add the subtitles later in the day. 

P.S. :  the part without sounds start at 15:28 ( well,  that's when I heard the last monster sound )

I enjoyed playing this game. The abandoned house atmosphere is well done, graphics and sound are amazing.

That said, a little background story about why we're here ( or some notes ) could help understanding why we're here, or even what's going on in this house.

Anyway,right now I'd like to see the next part of this game ( at least I hope to see it ) !

Here is my experience ( should be translated soon enough ^^ )

I went through 3:00 AM and 3:30 AM, and they were fun to play ( both games ran fine, had no issues ) ! They're not really scary, but there was some tension while doing the objectives =)

As i've enjoyed those two, I will gladly play your other games !

Nice game, it was fun to go through the chapters ( well I knew what to expect for the chapter 1 and 2  ), scare jumps did the job, and the third chapter was well done, really enjoyed the last part ( cutscenes really added mystery, and the ending was... well I was not expecting it, at all ). 

Now, in the third chapter, the part where you have to take the car to find eggs, you can just skip the car, and then just endlessly fall down ( had to restart the game at this point ). Other than that, I had no problems through the chapter. Maybe one egg in the last part, which took more time than expected to be collected ( which isn't a matter, in fact ) ^^

Overall a really good experience, that's a five stars for me ! 

( Though it's in french, I'm adding the english translations soon enough :o )

Well, while the game gave me some chills here and there, I ended up finding the jump scares... cute in a certain way ( at least the sound effects :p ). Still, it was a fun walk overall, and I enjoyed it ^^

What a game ! At first I thought "Hotline Miami", but once I began playing, it was a blast ! And even if it's the first missions, they are really hard ! Timing and execution really requires a lot of work, but it is so rewarding in the end !

I'm really looking forward to this one, as I'm sure there will be a real challenge here ( and the random enemy/objective placement is working well towards that goal ) ! 

Great work so far, and thanks already for bringing us such a gem !

Hello !

I did both of your games  ( "Make sure it's closed" didn't worked on me though, maybe the low poly PS style :o ), and overall I prefer this one, the old movie style, the tension slowly build by the text, and just the fact we can look back ( well I did not look back enough, that may explain why I had the bad ending there :p )  did the job ^^

Anyway, if you're doing more horror games, I'll gladly go through it, as it was a good short experience overall !

( Run to Nowhere start at 4:54, in case you want to skip ^^ )