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im downdating because the pre alpha build 135 doesnt have enough sandbox servers

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i had the same thing happen to me lol but im on opera gx

that comment is no longer true i made a loop that let me get the hydrogen molecules into the goal area right before the next atom comes in

i made something that toggles every time you toggle an input and all you need is 3 xnor gates but if i take a screenshot of the game it just gives me my desktop

i cant even beat hydrogen

i cant play the game because i cant extract .rar files

Logic Engine community · Created a new topic nooooooooo

why did you make the download a useless .rar rather than .zip which i can actually extract

this is the comments section of the game

i cant play the version of the game that has sandbox mode it either disappears or turns into AC lib i think it might be my autoclicker but idk

you dont

thanks now i know why please keep up the good work

i put multiple of previous custom machines into a new one and it got worse can anyone tell me why

another advantage of this mechanic is that in the top layer you save space for other factories and then compress those down into even better production in the same space

do not install 64 bit version the download wont always save

thanks for letting me know:)

you cant disagree on the fact that hp notebooks are crappy

the only issue i have found is the tendency to crash with big or lots of mods but thats just me

i love this mod its huge and adds some realism that mindustry always needed keep up the good work

how about an electricity bomb that would stun units and deal decent damage crafted with blast compound surge alloy and the material used for explosive casings

I agree crafting machines should not make infinite of a resource without an infinite supply of the materials

can anyone tell me what the nightly version means

con somebody give me a download for the sandbox that adds to this version of cell machine

this has even more quality to me now because its a submission to a game jam

speed runners would respond with no its 20 minutes

unzip it

the community is not exactly the best in multiplayer but multiplayer is entirely optional

if you dont like mobile im on pc and it works fine for me

set the numbers for size of level and click create

i play mindustry

there is a mod on the mod browser that lets you auto-update the game

anuke if you read this remember that this game's only issue is one you cant fix

ill figure things out on my own


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my factory is perfect in my eyes and i have a machine with bars and coins that is unnamed and in the everything machine edit:


i di ot

level 15 i have only ever solved with a nuke