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Thank you so much!!!

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Yeah, I totally get it, and it’s frustrating as all hell that none of this info is available from the Chromebook itself if someone peels off the sticker on the bottom (and it’s like 3rd hand, so yup). 

I’m giving it a shot using the method you mentioned though, and finally found the program you have to install to play *any* Linux games, and then proceeded to learn a good chunk of Linux basics over the last 5 hours. I have to figure out how the hell to make Aptitude play ball so I can get the last dependency running, bc the other (better) package manager doesn’t play well with Buster, but I’m getting there! 😂😭

Edit: to be clear, I thought you had to have / *only* and was just running around like “WHY ISN’T IT WORKING????” Thanks for being patient with me lol.

I have an Acer Chromebook,but quite literally can't figure out much past that. Something to do with Edgar? I'm sorry, their support is a joke in the same way that the Joker is a comedian...

Hi all!

So my Chromebook has linux in beta, and I'm trying to get the game to run through that. Thing is, I kind of have no idea how to do so? ^.^'

I've downloaded the file, but have no idea what to do from there, as I'm new to Linux and keep getting caught in a research loop.