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AW thank you so much I do appreciate this! I'm glad some people found it and enjoy it but here's to hoping it gets more views!


THAT'S AWESOME!! Thank you for the info it helps a lot! Much appreciated! Also I'm glad you liked the demo! Can't wait for all of you guys to see the rest of it.

Thank you so much! It means so much to me to know that people are thoroughly enjoying it! I will definitely be bringing more so keep an eye out!!

That's a good question, I've never heard about it till now but feel free to test it out! if it works let me know! It would be great to note it down!


The game does have character art, however, I have yet to release i. thought I would make some suspense and release the demo first but to answer your question yes! There is character art coming soon!

What do I even begin to say....I've completely fallen in love with this game. This visual novel has to be one of the best ones i have read BY FAR! I absolutely love it and not just because of the art style and the amazing backgrounds, but because the story ACTUALLY has meaning and feeling in it, you can see the hard work and compassion put into every word and one thing i'm actually impressed by that no other novel has done to me, is actually make ME feel like i'm the one in the story, I've felt the pain and the happiness and i even cried in some parts, the work that the creator has put into this along with the people in toe helping have done an INCREDIBLE job, i gave props to you all and i cant wait to continue reading this amazing story. I hope it lasts long and makes it to be the top 10 best visual novels of all time! 

P.S i cant wait to actually have the full game in due time and definitely make a review video on the incredible story for the world to see, seriously, this game, this visual novel, is an eye opener and tbh, a wish come true. Thank you so much!!!! 10/10 recommending this TOP PRIORITY!!!