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Hi. I just found your game on steam and tried it. I love it, especially the graphic style. I do have gathered some feedback after an hour of gameplay. For the record, I know its not ready and basically an empty shell yet.

things I would improve:

  • I can't move the camera with the mouse, only keys, why?
  • make the villages lively, with cars, pedestrians, maybe outside connections with travellers
  • the top stations of lifts float
  • slopes are only visible through the barriers, maybe add a different pattern of snow, different barriers, signs, advertisement banners, etc
  • there is no general management yet (although I guess it will be by release?)

things I would add:

  • restaurants at the top of ski lifts, apline cafes, etc
  • shops in the valleys
  • snowcat vehicles (omg please), and the like
  • terraforming, planting trees
  • emergencies
  • first person POVs

Yea thats it for now, I will keep on checking on you and at release I will be one of the first to purchase, promise ;D