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Checked for myself and it looked so much better with left-aligned text that I had to take your advice; just updated it. Really appreciate the feedback!

posted this as a review a while ago but it should be here too

HAZARD FUNCTION is the Tomb of Horrors of FIST - An instantly fun, iconic dungeon crawl, themed around being difficult, that's designed to teach you how to think when approaching the game, and to create fun stories about the characters' well-earned triumphs and gruesome failures. 

My advice to referees would be to embrace the "trial-by-fire" setting of the Crucible; it will be more interesting if you treat each room as its own mini-mission, as opposed to a series of increasingly difficult killboxes (but that way is fun too).

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Very cool supplement, love how it's clearly inspired and evokes a setting while still being mechanically sound with pieces that can go anywhere. I plan on dropping the STILETTO and the weapon tags into a game immediately. Would love to see this project eventually expanded into a full Ghost in the Shell - type setting hack 

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fantastic expansion. Tags for armor were intended to be in the base game if i remember correctly, and these feel like such a natural addition to FIST. On top of that they are creative and fun, enough that i've used them in other game systems already. I would not be surprised if we saw something official in the future that pays homage to this.

 A layout update with some visuals would be cool, but i am not one to complain about a readable, no nonsense pdf. 

one of the most creative and inspirational digital art tools i've ever seen. As it is it's 10/10, if it had a trifold template it would be too perfect to exist. thank you for making THE fun, accessible, punk art tool for the new '20s

just want to thank the developers and community for making community copies accessible. very interested to explore this unique game. much love x