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Eater Of Worlds

A member registered May 17, 2019

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ahh well i guess i should upgrade lol i see your well ahead of me haha my bad your doing great

Realy like the combat style .. but i noticed that  the game wont save the graphic settings . Might be a good idea to add an option to start at min settings for those like me with a questionable computer. Other then that i see nothing i don't like . Excited for whats next

ohh dear. hes gonna cause mass overpopulation! lol

is this game still being worked on? cuss its been a lwhile since an update .i like the concetp and it be a shame if it stoped

Your doing oustanding work. Take your time im sure its well worth the wait

Ohh i see. I thought it was me. Good game tho 

man... ima be counting the seconds till this game hits beta... 

how do i activate english version . tryed evfry thing

good on ya mate. havent tried it yet but for being a one man op it looks outstanding

ur welcome. ive always liked the idea of a dark female rising . bloodrayne was one of my favored back in the day . but this is something else. combining next gen quality open world with erotic and rpg class is genius . if your vission of this game is what i think . easily a 70 to 60 dollar game .coming from me thats saying something

my goodness.! this is a concept i hopd to see finished.

no u have ansewed it al thanks

Town of Passion community · Created a new topic question

3 question to the dev.1 can u play as a female.2 is there any combat.3 are there mysteries to solve?

hey question.has the next story events been released yet . cuss my old version stops after the first area with the touched. waiting for next chap . if not out yet when wil it be?j

ohh for heavens sakes.. nvm i figured it out.. amd it was just me being a dodoo .

wel so far i love even tho im stuck at the ice manor and ive done everything but stil not progressing lol probly something stupid im missing

this game sounds great.but before i spent data to get it i need to know a few things. 1 can u play home ect.2 is there visua clothing/armor system if so in what variaty. 3 is it a non lenear story. corruption vs purity ect. choice based.and 4 how vast is the world u can explore

just once id like a game like this were u can make ur own character...

Actualy i realy like the character and clothes. Only thing thats vexing me realy is trying to move that big rock in the mountain pass above the troll cave .and trying to figure out were the zanark library is lol cant figure it out . Thinking zanak aint in the biuld yet but that boulder is

im sure i will

still. . love the game. the only thing i wish is a clothing system but thats it .looking foward to the rest

ur welcome! yes trully a captivating tale. but i think i reachen the end .cuss i completed the last temple but stil waiting on kendar to finish his project and idk about the royal library. 

man im not even done and i cant help but praise the dev for thir oustanding story. flawlessly woven

its a great game . so il do my part so see the vision realised

awesome story cant to see it finished. but all im saying is il be pissed if karren is dead or worse lol cuss those stories get me

bug if the fight ends when any character is stil getin debuf it bugs 

not all scenes haue pics yet

u need to lose to feind in the hub. but u can enable console in memu.type gallery.unlockall

turn on console command in menu. tvpe battle.end

when getin the boom from the dealer hel ask to have bugs planted round town . 0ne of em is in jail . get arested and convice the guards at the table so u can plant the bug .under the table

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indead my fav so far is lust dolls so the new ld + im eager to see it finished. My fav part being in parasite mode. Just an idea but u should make it so u can change on the spot at a cost and maybe make a path of corruption.. Man could u imagine if u could make a lust doll game in 3d lol maybe one day .add some background sounds and music

well ive officialy finished every game you have made as far as i could . me being a fan of the post apocolyptic and dystopia scene i am desperatly looking foward on the completet rainy skies and lust dolls plus. .got no complaints bout any of your games other than wanting more. good work

um idk bout u but my toon got knocked twice once when i first started and got raped by highway man and second when rin the succubus had her futa 

actualy upon reaching the end of the game that u finished i tryed lust dolls...its been days and im still hooked lol never thought such a game would be so adicting . so that being said i look foward to the rest of rainy skies!

...also in regards to lust dolls im curious as to why the dria tree girl path is not finished yet 

I love the concept . Just wish i was ppl walking instead of squares but stil good

actualy i wana pitch in now . what teir gives me deepsoil?

lol i see . still a great game and il love to see more . once there is more complete i most certainly wouldnt mind paying for it. there is alot of mystery to it that has me wanting more .like that strange door at the edge of the sumit .lol i wasnt expecting much when i got the demo to be honest but it turned out to be one of the best i think. and alicia is the most awesome character concept ive seen since  samus . that being said i wish u all that u need to make this game huge . idk when the game will be finished but il jump on it the second it is ..

hey . first off i love this game and the concept .sexy but reminds me of thd retro style metroid wich i love . cant wait for the rest of the game.p.s. there is a powerup dangling just above base and cant figur out how to get it and its driving me nuts so if any knows how please throw me a bone here lol