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Yeah Unity. Unity is completely free! You can ship a commercial game with it and make money. The free version has all the features of the full version. I find their pricing model absurdly and impossibly cheap ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Thank you so much! Glad you liked it :). Hah yeah I'm not too into puzzles either. The windows I owe to the benefits of having the whole world loaded (so there's actually something to see outside them) plus a cool refraction effect I used which I did not write :).

Thanks so much for being so understanding! I've finally managed to roll back the Linux build to the last working version on Steam, so hopefully it works as good as it ever did now. If you're not using Steam let me know and I can get you a link to download it seperately. I don't want to put it up on itch because then itch show as supporting Linux.

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I really appreciate you reporting these bugs, and I'm really sorry for your inconvenience. Unfortunately I have decided to pull Linux support. As far as I know, it was stable on Linux initially, with the exception that saving did not work. In my recent update I changed a lot, and it looks like it broke the game for some distros of Linux. I was faced with the decision of either rolling back the build for the Linux branch (which would mean saving would be broken again), spending more time and resources fixing the extremely numerous bugs I continue to have with Linux's many distros, or pulling support for Linux. Supporting Linux has proven to be more than I can afford to handle at the moment, and that's a mistake I'm deeply sorry for! I can arrange to send you a refund via paypal if you have a paypal. Let me know!

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Since we were all just commenting in someone's support thread, I figured I'm make a dedicated thread for anyone who wants to comment but doesn't neccessarily want to make a whole thread about it.

Thanks very much :).

Oh yeah of course! And yes you can monetize the video.

Howdy! Thanks for playing the game! Glad you like it. I'm afraid I don't quite know what you mean by is the music royalty free in this context. You're perfectly welcome to play the game on youtube and add your own voices to it. You cannot, however, use assets from the game to create your own work, weather that's the music or anything else.

You need to go to the download page for the game, and then click "Get Steam Key". Let me know if you need more help finding it!

I am looking forward to the fox game as well :) :)

Awe thanks very much! I think for the fox game you may be thinking of David Wehle's game First Tree. Our next game will be Eastshade :)

Ah! Actually scratch that. I just found out how to reproduce it. Its as I suspected.Will have a fix asap. I am so sorry about this! On a totally different note, that otter in your avatar is massively adorable.

Thank you so much for bearing with me. I'm still working diligently on trying to find the cause here. I can't reproduce it. At the moment I suspect this has something to do with the build and steam achievements. If its not too much trouble, could email me ( your output_log.txt file inside of Leaving Lyndow_Data? And also let me know the version as indicated in the version.txt in the root folder?

Two questions:

1. Are you playing the build or did you use the steam activation key?

2. Do you have steam installed on your computer?

Could you by any chance link me to the video?

I'm sorry you're having this issue. Have you tried saving and reloading the game?