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hi this is famous chicago artist easton self. if you want to collaborate please contact me through my website! thanks


Ur beautiful! Love u

Thank you Ben ❤️

Ahhhh Noelle!! Ur making me cry! Thank you so much!!!

um.... ok er... this is REALLY good

the scene... is beautiful... i just hope they're all ok... and that they have affordable healthcare options <:0

so excited to see where this goes!!!!! it's a beautiful start <3

oops... sorry that was supposed to be a joke :/ anyway this is so cute!!!!

HAHAHA how did you get Ben to act for this?

thank you so much!

cutting down was so good... really felt like I was back in culinary school...

rly good...

Hmmm, so I think you definitely have time to model the actual island and ocean. Seeing that the core of the gameplay is the difficulty of getting the dog to end up back at the house, is it more reliant on physics working against the player or the dog's disobedience? I think it's best to understand what exactly you're communicating with your design before moving forward. Do you want the player to be upset at ur beautiful dog... or at the menacing world and it's inconsistent rules? This has a lot of potential! Can't wait 2 see where it goes! See u on the slack.

Hey! Thank you so much for checking it out! And thank you for the feedback!

a good game...


5/5 stars

gr8 job