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OK i sended email to you 
This problem is not on my machine
Now you can test it on your computer by building .exe and run it ... If you press F12 one time ... Is ok .  But if you press many time it  will not show panel report anymore ....  that's all

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after long time ...  I realized there was a big problem with deleting and sending the screenshot to trello with your system

remove or sending depends  to show on and off Panel report

If you press f12 too many times it won't work .. error happens very random

There is works very well on a unity editor but not work on .exe

call method also has no effect ....

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this is big problem ... I tested with exe of the original file 

when pressing F12 it show popup ( one time only )  ... but pressed a few more times also does not show popup

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i use unity 2019.4.9

i run verry good when playing in editor but when build to exe it not work

i am setup press F2 to show report panel but ... when build to exe it not showing !

What is this error?