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This is possibly my favourite game on itch and if you yes you reading this have not yet completed all three endings then I highly suggest you do and dino999Z you have truly mad a masterpiece of a game thank you so much for posting this I enjoyed every second of it. Keep up the good work :}

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Ps. i have now also installed space slurpies so i will play that tomorrow i live in the uk so that will probablly be in a while but anything i have on that game i will post in space slurpies comments

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Ok so hello i have massive news i left it alone for 3 days uninstalled the apk file and tried it again 2 mins ago   ...AND IT WORKED!!! IT INSTALLED

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yeah ill go right now thank you 

Also do you know a way i could be informed when the new update comes out?

Yeah that would be so cool because the game looks awesome it might also just be a sidequest problem but other games were working so I dont know it might be because the apk file size is 1.5GB (ps. Thank you for replying that's really cool of you to do)

yo ok thanks also very nice of you to reply

hey i would love to play this but it isnt downloading on to my oculus quest 2 on sidequest it says Starblazer.apk: Checking APK against blacklist... and then it changes to Starblazer.apk: : Premature end of stream, needed 1 more bytes and it doesnt install

yo just a quick one are you going to make it an APK. or no

Please I have been looking for anything exactly like this For the oculus quest 2 Please Make this alao as a APK file