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Thank you for responding! My anti virus does not find you a threat. ;)
To me this error looks like a problem with the build. That there is a dependency missing or messed up.

I was wondering if anyone that has tried this and it works for, if this was the first version they tried or if they had a prior version that may have supplied whatever was missing. I can play all sorts of other VR titles, on 2 different HMDs some even use the Unreal engine.

I have a second question that perhaps should be a new post: On you page you say: "Along +6.000 users at SteamVR enviroment" How do I find this environment? I looked all over and cant figure out which one this is.

I just got it and tried launching by clicking on the EXE and I get the message:

Couldn't start:
"D:\Keep\VR\TestHMD\testhmd-win-stable_1_1b_Framerate\ROV_Test_Beta/Binaries/Win64/ROV_Test_Beta.exe" ROV_Test_Beta 
CreateProcess() returned 2.

Is there a secret? I tried the 1_1a and get a similar message.