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Thank you for your feedback! I packaged an executable for windows now (im pretty confident it works, but as a non windows user i do not know for certain). i didn't include executables for other operating systems though.

Also, this game is indeed partly inspired by the same xkcd strip that also inspired the game entry you mentioned, so the similiarity isn't coincidential.

i'll be looking into providing an appropriate acoustic  background for this game.

The love2d framework needs to be installed in order to play .love files (I noted that in the install instructions, which are unfortunately only visible). However, i just added a version packed with an windows executable so users who don't have it installed don't have to go through the hassle of installing love2d for a game that's not even particularly impressive. (although i cannot verify that it is actually working because i am running a gnu/linux installation rather than windows; if not, please do tell me).

hey, nice game! however, i've been having problems with the controls. i suggest replacing the wall jump with a simple double jump which can be reactivated by touching the ground OR a wall. that would result in a wall jump like technique which however should be easier to use than the current wall jump, which requires perfect timing in it's current state.

However, the controls are kind of difficult for me. I have difficulties focusing both on moving into the right direction with the keyboard and on pointing the attack into the right direction.

i think it is really nice how you introduce the game. using the games own rules to do meta- actions (like start new game) is something one can always get bonus points with me.

The rooms mostly seem big and empty (even Kelly's). The blobs seem to come evenly from all directions, so it seems unwise to leave kelly's room, or at least to go far away from it, after the first blobs reach kelly's room. Getting attacked by the blobs in every room except kelly's further reinforces this. 

Also, every thing looks rather featureless: all the rooms look the same (kelly's room is only distinguished by having kelly in it) and the blobs look all alike. this is very boring.

Reducing the game to only kelly's room would be the best thing to do in my opinion. The extra rooms hardly add any value, and taking them out would pull all the details that are there closer together and highlight them.

alternatively, you can download love2d from They have an executable using which you can execute .love files.

in fact, "compiling it as an executable for windows" consists of taking one of the executables (love.exe) you can find at and simply adding the .love file to the end of the executable.

you have the choice every time you download a game to (1) download this executable file (love.exe) plus the .love file (combined as one big game executable file), or to (2) download the love2d engine from once and having all .love files be automatically run with it.

(1) may be more convenient for you at first, but the more games you have which depend on love2d, (2) becomes increasingly more beneficial (it saves space and download time).

In a game jam which is centered around love2d, i think it is quite reasonable to only provide the .love file, and have everything else optional. Installing the love2d engine would also allow you to play (and rate!) all other entries in this jam (such as mine) without depending on the developers to provide a windows executeable (because i don't).

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i noticed two bugs:

  • when i already got hit by a rooster, the mother hen can still shoot eggs while being invisible (and hitting roosters with the eggs still gives me points!). Please enforce the rules of death/game over a bit more strictly.
  • after restarting, the mother hen starts below the screen (beyond the invisible barrier at the bottom) for some reason.

This is the first time i take part in a game jam, so i kinda have an excuse for my lack of knowledge. When  i first saw this jam and joined it, i thought that the submission times are a period of time at the end of the jam, and the jam would already have started earlier. So i started a bit before (a day or so) before the submissions were open.

However, i realized i might have gotten it wrong, and "during the jam" might also mean only the smaller time period in which it is possible to submit games. This would mean i (accidently) cheated, because i started before the submission times.

So, which one is true? If it is the latter scenario, what should i do?