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It's so charming!! I love it! And I am so glad doing it this way is less stressful for you! I had a blast working with similar graphics for Life Eternal so I am so glad to see you using them too and having a good time! I can't wait to see more and play the new demo when it's closer to chapter 1's release!

I love the new faces!! They are very charming and I love the new view for the battle system! Such a small change makes it feel so much more dynamic! 

I'm super glad you enjoyed it!! Thank you so much!

I'm glad you enjoyed the game! ❤️ All the music was freeware, as such I do not have a download/buy for them. However, the tracks were from either here or here !

Aww, thank you! I plan to! 

Thank you!

Doing my best to stay positive! Thank you!

I appreciate it, thank you! <3

Thank you! I appreciate the kind words a lot! 

Thank you for the feedback! I definitely went back and added some indication for collectables since that was THE feedback I got. Now when you play, there will be a ? that appears over stuff you can interact with that's a collectible. Thank you again for playing and I'm glad you liked it! 

Congratulations to all the finalists!! And to everyone who entered too since you still made a thing and entered it! That's an achievement in its own right.

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I was awake when the voting ended and was just sitting there going "okay maybe it won't update I should just go to sleep" haha. I am so glad to see the list now! Everyone did such a good job in the jam and I hope no matter what number people ended up as, they continue to make games and stick with it!

Cryptic notes too well hidden!! I've definitely learned my lesson there--give them something unique that stands out and make sure it doesn't blend in like the trees, haha. 

I'm so glad you enjoyed it and thank you so much for your feedback!! 

Congratulations for #1 in people's choice!! I hope you guys keep making lots of charming games! I'll totally be here for it.

Thank you!! :D

Haha, I get it now! Thank you so much!

Well, considering this is not an RPG I'm not sure why I would add fighting to the game, but I appreciate your thoughts on the matter! I definitely agree I could have added puzzles or even a minigame to liven things up, but in the case of simplicity, kept things simple. If I ever do another game similar to this one, I will definitely be adding more to do than walking and exploring to unfold the story! 

And I am so glad you liked the PDF!! I really wanted to do the throwback to instruction manuals from my childhood and I had a ton of fun actually making it!

Thank you for playing!

If you want me to completely disregard your comment, I'm unsure why you posted it. Thanks for giving it a try regardless, sorry it fell flat for you. I did consider making it so you had to collect the cryptic notes to get the choice at the end (the skeletons do change the ending slightly, but by simply being there instead of absent), but given how much I've had to hand-hold players in my visual novel to help them get all the endings which were based on a tally with what choices you chose, I figured in the interest of the contest and allowing judges to see the most they could in an hour, I should simplify it.

Anyway, thanks for playing.

Here's hoping! I will definitely miss her. Thank you for replying!

Our boy definitely deserves a non-dirtbag boyfriend!! 

Thank you so much for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D

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That was the theme, you are correct! I do agree that more context scenes with the sorcerer would have helped more and I totally get what you mean about making more distinct objects to click and find (the skeleton friends each share a specific look with more bones than the ones that aren't friends if that helps! (lol except for one now that I'm glancing through it again whoops)). Next time I do a similar game to this, I'll keep that in mind. Thank you so much for the feedback!

And thank you for checking it out! I'm glad you found it neat despite not digging the melancholy tone.

I went through the video, and I'm sorry! I thought I caught all those crashes. That's what I get for having to change something at the very end. :( Sorry about that! 

You can also make the dialogue text instant in the config menu under the text speed. Default is 10, but you can make it Instant! Definitely an option if that bothered anyone.

Thank you for giving it a shot regardless.

Omg I am so glad you liked it as much as you did!! Your comments about everything mean so much to me and has put this huge grin on my face! I am glad I added in the skeletons since in the original draft, they were just flavor text but then the brain does a "what if" and then my wonderful beta testers wanted to learn more about them which spawned their journal entries. It's so wonderful hearing how much you enjoyed it and thank you again so much for playing!

You can pry lots of flavor text from my cold dead hands! :P I am glad that you gave it a fair shake despite it not being the kind of game you personally enjoy. And I am glad you did enjoy it despite that! I definitely do see what you mean about the too much clutter that stops you from moving and I definitely should have tried harder with the flavor text object indicator! Thank you again so much for playing and thank you for your feedback! 

I got the Familiars ending! Thank you for the link I might try to get the other endings when I have some more time! 

I definitely fashioned it with an adventure game in mind! I would have liked to have done more, but in the interest of the contest, I tried to keep things short! I'm glad you enjoyed playing! 😊

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I thought this was very cute! I liked it! I screwed up the QTE a lot because I click a lot and it would pop up and I'd be like OH NO and splat my cat got hurt ;_;. I learned quick! Stop clicking the button! I enjoyed the windings when the cat couldn't understand human speech or the sign. I thought that was well done!

I read a few comments down and I think the nightvision skill while works in the fog, it's still incredibly hard to see since everything is foggy and the nightvision indicator is white, haha. I managed! But might help to see if there's a way to make the path way more clear since I could still barely see stuff on the path (is there a way to make a cut out in the fog over the path? That'd be an interesting idea but I have no idea if that's feasible!)

Very charming and such a short play time! I am also curious how to get the other endings as well.

Your level of detail was very good--the ramen made me hungry--and I adored your sprites and the artwork! You did a great job!

I appreciate the callback to classic rpg maker horror with the aesthetics and the general vibe. I think you did a really good job capturing that! The graphics were nice, although I felt the screen was too small, but that's just my personal opinion. I can definitely see a lot of people liking this!

I'm so glad you liked it even if it was a little short! Thank you for playing!

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This definitely has potential! I love the minimalism in the graphics and the aesthetics.I'd love to see this kind of game a little more polished!

Oh gosh, I'm so sorry! :( I wish I knew how to fix it.

This was incredibly charming! I loved the graphics and I loved the mechanic of changing forms. I do think the beginning moved a little slow for me especially since I already figured I'd need to change forms to get through things, but as a whole, you definitely have a good game going here! Would love to play a full game like this!

I have to agree with the transfers, haha. None of my testers mentioned them so I didn't think to touch them, but yeah...I think I might take them out when I'm allowed to update the game again! Thank you for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you very much!! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you so much for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D

Yeah, haha, since this was a jam I didn't want to make the endings too obscure! If this was not a jam, I would have done quite a few things concerning how to get the endings a little differently! Thank you so much for playing and I am so glad you loved the aesthetics!!

You did a wonderful job! I think this is one of my favorite entries. The music is a little loud to me, but your choices were on point.  Always love narrative driven games and yours is very touching.

This was cute! I love the old school game charm.

Thank you!! 🥰