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Thanks for the update! One question, since we have dom content (i.e owning slaves) will we also get more sub content in the future?

Not too much? This is already a lot! Thanks for the update, and hope you're doing well!

Take your time to recover. No need to rush

The game is great and fun! The gameplay loop has been a good experience so far. The implementation of traps in the map are a very nice touch, and the captured mechanic is really fun. Definitely looking forward to more updates if it gets worked on. Thanks for the work and effort you guys put in this game!

It's also happening for me. Really odd

Thank you for your hard work and dedication! Hoping your success continues!

Thanks for your hard work as always! ^^

Are there any plans to incorporate starting off as a furry/different race or transformations into them?

Thanks for your hard work as always! Looking forward to the next update!

Thanks for the update! Really appreciate it, just thought I should let u know ^^

Will the game over scenarios be eventually free or is it really only exclusive to patreons?