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I loved this game, the retro graphics style is awesome, and the best part is that there are checkpoints in case you die, highly  recommended congrats!

Masterpiece! i wish it was longer, the graphics style is amazing congrats :D

Wow really interesting game, the graphics are so good, and also the creepy ambience, like it!

This game was really interesting, i never thought it would become a backrooms game, congrats.

Recently i played the thirteenth floor and i really liked it, and this game was amazing too, your games are masterpieces :D

This is so cool, the atmosphere is just like 60's i love this kind of game, congrats! ;D

Wonderful game, this is a masterpiece, i thought that was the answer but is fun to discover secrets :D

It was pretty short game but also de graphics are awesome and the sounds are scary, congrats! ;)

This game is cute and also the creepy ambient vibe is really cool, original design congrats!

THIS IS THE MOST INCREDIBLE BACKROOMS GAME I EVER PLAYED!! is just exactly as kane pixels footage, the investigator's corpse looks awesome, you feel the fear of being in the backrooms without the need to put entities that appear so often, the game runs smooth and just congrats for this masterpiece :D

It was pretty fun to play this, the style of the game is so cool (just like a colorful maze) and also you can spend short or long time playing it, congrats for this random game!! 

It was pretty short game, the concept is good, you should add more doors and a little more explanation of the story, the narration is good and also the design, good game!! keep going.

I really liked the design, it feels very uncomfortable, it's like being in the backrooms inside a train, has the characteristic buzz of the lights and that eerie calm, good game!! keep getting better ;)

loved it! easy to understand how to play it despite having no clues, good graphics and atmosphere, i'll wait to play the next chapter.

I love this kind of psychological horror games, and this one looks very good, I'll wait for the full version :)

I LOVED THIS GAME!! it has a very good atmosphere :0

seems like a very good idea, can become a good game, applause for your effort, graphics are good.

Really cool game, applause for your effort ;)