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This came a long way, huh? I remember playing demo version of the game and being amazed at gameplay and visuals. Best of luck!

Pretty nice take on the theme and twist on bullet hell genre! Some more polishing work and a few things in the presentation and this could be a good game in portfolio. I'd also speed up the player and maybe work a bit on communicating and differentiating what's good/bad/utility. Overall a solid base for a fun quick game

Try to change the window resolution in the page's settings. Playing not in the fullscreen doesn't show the whole game :-( Cool idea tho! Not sure what was the take on the theme.

Great and polished game, good job. I really like the graphics!

Thanks for playing! The update is ready and waiting - hooking to poles is now handled as hooking to closest so its easier to maneuver :-) Thanks for the feedback!

Wow, quite nice game. Could use minimal prompts but overall nice for a gamejam game. I am a sucker for roguelikes.

Found a cheat for the game - just turn your keyboard upside down :-) had a bit of fun

Pretty good idea! You could try and iterate on this. As for the credits - please try and find these people and make sure they don't require you to put them in credits. Even if they don't it's always a good thing to include them. These assets are free and including them is also free.

Zooming trough space! Camera could be locked and not rotate. When I accelerated in one direction for some time it takes long time to counter that.

Yeah, a classic fishing game but with more complex fishing mechanic. Pretty good!


Hey, I hope this isn't against the rules but here is the updated version of the game!
I couldn't wait for the voting phase to end and implemented fixes from the feedback.

weirdly reminds me of Bubble Struggle web game but you play as one of the bubbles

Welp sadly (I understand why) I cant upload anything in the voting period

I am sorry, I could add a zip of the PC build to the download (just didn't think anyone would).

Thanks for the feedback, yeah the better visible cursor or auto-grappling closest pole would make it so much easier. Sadly I didn't get anyone to playtest this during the development. A note for the next jam :D

Thanks for the feedback! That's a great idea and would make playing a lot easier.

Thank you! Another great idea for easier grappling, that's the power of playtesters :D

Interesting game, took a sec to adjust. Overall nice but I got stuck few times and didnt know why

Great take on the theme! Characters could be a bit more distinct but overall its nice :-)

Nice twist of the roguelike-towerdefence and fitting it into the theme!

Really cool idea nicely fitting the theme! Camera could use a bit of work but overall feels good

Getting some Dont starve vibes ;-)

Nice theme approach!

Not a big fan of a rage games but this was nice! :-)

Cool concept, would greatly appreciate if you could attack in the mouse direction instead of movement :-)

A bit difficult to pickpocket - maybe as pickpocketing should be :-)

Cute graphics!

Great gameplay, graphics and sounds! Had fun :-)

I like the graphics, sounds and especially the undertale-fighting-like gameplay mechanics!

Figured out I can do something with mouse but couldnt play :-(

Reminds me of my first game in Unity, but more refined and with much better graphics :-)

So much support - gamepad, tutorial and difficulty levels. Good refined game!

Cute scribbles. Can earn more than one coin when you jump in and out of the coin ;-)

#2 place! music got me pumped :-)

Looks super nice! Controls defeated me :-( My top score is 1

Thanks! Sorry about not being able to enter your own name. I was afraid of the profanities and settled on generated IDs. 

Couldn't start the game :-( Windows build

Looks really nice! What is the comparison method used in game?

Cool visuals and sounds! :-)