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Ah, just tried to beat it and only got 2.57. Well done!

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I'm not going to finish this before the ratings are finished, but just wanted to quickly say that so far it's ace. I  love the designs of the characters and   the house. The jump animation is great.   Very excited to play more,  well done!

I  enjoyed   the level design in this a lot.   As others have mentioned the physics felt a bit off,   but I  still had a good time with it. Good work!

I    love test.

The animal animations in here  are one of my favourite things to have come out of this game jam. I  also really like the cutaway effect for going into the shops. Fun puzzler that didn't outstay it's welcolme. Great job.

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This is certainly one of the more ambitious ones I've  seen!    Really impressed by the soundtrack and art style.  The transitions were really well done too. I t's a small thing but I   liked that the credits  were "in world" on the map. Nice job all round!

This is a great idea. I  liked the aesthetic too, simple but clean.  I felt like the big squares took a few too many bullets, but there's a good chance I'm just bad at it.

Ah I  worried that'd  be case, a fix like that was on the to-do list but we  ran out of time. Just had to cross my fingers and hope it wasn't too confusing!

Cheers for mentioning it though. Appreciated. And I'm glad you liked the game!

I love this.