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This was a very delightful mess! It's really fun, especially when you line up a [Suit is Any#] rule. I did notice that the Wins counter resets when you press Restart which is a bit odd

every time I tried to do that, it would throw me a terrible hand that just ruins the plan then checkmates me with a 8+1+1

Is it random or something? I've looked through every room and all that I'm seeing is one room that lacks a white hole/light

honestly I found the last puzzle room way too hard, especially since one mess-up forces you to restart

I... don't really like this game, to be honest. The difficulty is way too imbalanced with harsh punishments for losing once. Plus the "Multiplier" is very misleading, you clear a level and see you now have a Multiplier of 5 and thus expect to get 5 times the amount you got the first time when in reality it's just a flat bonus. I feel like if either it was an actual multiplier, the initial prize was buffed a bit, or at the very least the levels were tweaked to not be so harsh, this game would be a lot better

This is a really good game, I found it really fun exploring the world. I also really like it when demos have more to them when you dig deeper instead of going straight for the finish, having an almost completely new world outside the bounds of the normal demo only accessible by this little glitch with the scanner (I wonder if you found the bug while playtesting and decided to add an entire secret level behind that bug)

It did get a bit annoying at points trying to get to certain places but that's just the nature of this sort of thing. I think I managed to rack up a completion rate of 158% but I know I missed alot, including that '?' room and 2 of the Ilivesilives cats.

I'll look forward to the full release and what it has to offer!

to be fair... any clicker game is op with an autoclicker... hence why autoclickers are generally considered as cheating.

...did anyone else find a weird secret song after the "more maps" thing? Well, it's not really a song, it just shows this weird monster before ending, with the "main menu" and "play again" being changed to "rewrite"... I am unsure if that appearance was intentional or if it's an easter egg or a bug but it was really weird...