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I am incapable of running the game as well :/

Are there scenes for when we lose against monsters?

Is there a walkthrough available? Apparently I absolutely suck at the game and can't seem to progress without losing.

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I just want to change the station name. I screwed up the title and have no motivation to use it since I can't erase my data :(

It works now.

I wish I could rename the radio :/

Was a price just added recently? I thought it was still only the intro.

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There's no install file... :|

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A lovely game that I doubt I will actually uninstall.

Returning the player to the main room at the end without a proper end room was a bit confusing; I thought I had done some thing wrong, but it seems like I finished it. Opening the hall that we ingress through to enter a last 'end' room would be nice.

lmfao this guy never heard of 'French' before

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Autumn will never appear on the street when intended. Is it a bug?

Unable to parse error is still here I suppose :/

I have, but I'm only ever seeing the same five or six. Are the other two rare/secrets?

Web GL won't load :/

I'm having trouble meeting different characters; it's always the same 8. Are the others secrets or something? Some sense of direction would be nice.

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Heath Freak

Heath freak

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There are no instructions on how it works, so I find myself clicking haphazardly and losing. A clearer tutorial on how fighting works with the book would be nice. The game is far too difficult.

Only game that I have sunk 3 hours straight in and can still see myself coming back. Fantastic game!

This is the Jazzpunk Wetworks expansion every one wanted but did not know existed!

For a Capstone Project, this is astonishing. Very well done and noticed only a few minor bugs.

Took over ten minutes of getting lost in the fortress section to finally quit. Visuals and music are nice, but the VHS format for the sake of VHS format is unnecessary. 

This sincerely brought me back to the days of yore—five years ago. The fact that it's authentic and made during the early years of this historic period is phenomenal and I am so happy to have found this.

This is unequivocally the Game of the Year.

It's stuck in a tiny window. That's unfortunate.

I'm sure that the atmosphere would have sunken-in significantly more if I knew what I was doing. The whole time I was just pushing random buttons, matching symbols until I heard a tone and apparently received the proper ending. Having more direction would be nice because I did not feel like I was the person 'fixing' the towre, just some random guy pressing things.

Ending was nonetheless haunting and epic. Definitely enjoyed the sights!

Absolutely an incredible experience. You definitely have something here! Please keep up the development.

I can imagine a full game, starting at the bottom and climbing to the top. Would buy.

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Really enjoyed this. It was difficult at first, but the game's length flattens the hurdle. Personally, I was hoping for a 'show, don't tell' sort of ending; it just explaint a little too much. The game's controls definitely took a minute to get used to but that was not a big issue, either.

Over all, if this game shall have a longer run-time and will keep it's permadeath and inherent difficulty, then by golly is this a good game!

I am happy to see this, I absolutely love it!

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The whole key to the trunk thing made no sense and left me quite lost. An indicator to connect a golden key to a golden lock maybe would make more sense, and the ending felt a bit... dull? It was all a big buildup to an okay climax.

I can agree with this. I still love the game, though. I'm sure that if the dev had spent more time, this would be fantastic.