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Goodness, rafaelalma;
From here to World of Tanks! (or maybe a Battle City reboot?)

Yeah, I'm afraid I've been a bit lazy * blush *. I still have ways to go, especially with patience... But well, I'll just have to bear it and keep going. Maybe I'll improve on it someday...  Thaks for the comment :)

Jeje, estaba entretenido. Me gusta eso de los desafíos...
Suerte con las notas ;) (Que seguro serán buenas).

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Beatiful art and goode music; the mechanics are simple, yet the character's reflections delivered bit by bit make you not care ^^.
Good 'un, Summer! and Good luck! (... didn't check that the jam didn't have a competition factor... :P)

A very acomplished retro style (music and graphics wise).
I am not the most retro-versed person around, but the music gives me some good Pokémon ferry vibes (the old ones). Thanks for the neo-nostalgia... ¬¬

Been able to play it at last!
Quite a creative concept. charming graphics, and the luxury of fun voiceovers!

Oooh, Sneaky.
I've liked this game, the mechanics are pretty interesting.
Very jam-efficient graphics: simple, yet they get the message across.
Thanks ^^

and a new kind of audiovisual experience for me;

What platform is this game supposed to have been made for? It shows an error at install about a renderer (in my PC); and it's not showing under any of the submissions sections but the one named "any". :(

Must be fun for two players! No other gamers around to play with me though... ^_^'.

This game is wholesome! Mechanically simple, yet loved every bit of it. Thanks!

Yeah! Everything feels neat! I'm guessing it would be way more fun if I actually played it cooperatively, as I guess it is suppossed to. T_T

Very polished platformer, except that... I can't find the last two items! T_T

"Interesting" is indeed the word. I like how the story intermingles with the gameplay to create a unified whole.

Polished and expressive 2D art. Love the two-character controls. I liked the gloomy/sweet atmosphere it gives off through the senses. Good job!

A very sweet and elegantly designed game, that fits the theme perfectly. Congrats!

Perfect graphics.  Perfect sound as well. Good atmosphere. I don't know if there's a story or message behind it, but atmosphere and immersion are what I'd highlight about your game.

Needs more DESTROYING...!