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Hello Ceasey 
It was a pleasure to play your game! We would love to meet you online and learn more about you and your skills. 
Please send me a message under to continue this conversation. 

Thankyou! I hope so 2! I already have an idea for a next game🤗

I know, i had a hard time balancing to get it to a difficulty that the mood drops in a way that gives you a second chance. The hunger was ment to force you outside but i think, now after seeing som people play it, it drops to fast… 

At the moment, we are at war about some washinge afairs ;-) in the house i live and it feels just as you describe it! 

it is fun, well done and i love it! 

You just got top grades from me! Excellent work !!!

You just got top grades from me! Excellent work !!!

I realy like the over all concept. Personaly, i would change the difficluty a bit (at least on the first enemy's). The Flaslight-Effekt wors realy nice and is a cool concept for other games. 

It is nice to play but i would wish the speed of the player woud be higer or change over time, wod feel more snapy in my oppinion. Still it is a wonderfull game for 3h!

It is amazing and feels so polished! Nice Work! Cool to see what can be done in 3h 

i like your idea. it could be made into a interesting puzzle/storry game that is both relaxing and story driven. I hope your dad is fine! I am looking forward to see the full story of your game! 

Wow! for a three Hour game, this is wonderfull and challanging! I rally like it! Could you speed it a bit up? Would be interesting to play it in fast Mode.

Thats a wonderful game for the short amount of time you had to make it! Would be interesting to have the wifi coming back after some time after you got spoted...

Your game is rally cool for 3h. I would wish a hint what to watch at. had to fail some times to get the point! Still 8/10 points if you ask me!