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It's really cute, but the game is a bit slow - maybe it's because of my browser, idk.
Anyways, I like the designs!

I really like the ending! :')

That was really cute <3

very relaxing, thank you <3

cute :3

Really cute and cozy :)

This is really great!!

That was really sweet

Wow that was really scary, I loved it!

The ending is very sweet <3

That was cute, I really like the ending! The controls for fishings are not so clear though

Ahah that was great!

aaaaaaaw that was so cute!

wow that hit really close to home

That's so cute! Thank you :3

wow - that was really beautiful, thank you

Really nice!

That was cute :)

very cute <3

That was really cozy, thank you

Really cute and cozy :3

aaaw that was so cute <3

It was cute, thank you <3

That's so cute x) <3

Very cozy <3

Wow, that was really nice and moving - it's the first time I read a graphic novel this way!

Very cute! :3

That was really cute :')

Thank cute for this very cute and heartwarming game! <3

That was cute! I love the onomatopoeia!

Yay, I broke the curse! The manor was way cuter in pink ^^

I really liked it!

I love your art! How do you make such beautiful drawings with only "a few" pixels?
Makes me want to try and make some cross-stitch embroidery with similar designs :)

I like the esthetic of this game! Amazing how it's so visually nice :D

Very cute, thank you!

I really like this game! I didn't know the essay but I'll read it now. Thank you for the game.

Trop chouette ce style d'écriture, ça marche très bien !

C'est fascinant, et terrifiant !

That was cute :)

Très efficace, bravo !