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Yea i had more then enough and i even tried going to the next day with out selling any potions on the first day just to see if it would fix it, got one of the same potions and it still wouldn't let me make the potion even though I had all three ingredients, it was the fertilizer potion. And it is highly possible that the clothing thing was a lag issue as the game ran at about 10 fps on my rig, just seemed like a weight painting issue to me, with the way they were kind of floating through the body, could be the same issue with the potions, it may just not be activating the button because of lag.

So from what I can tell the game looks and feels really good, and the idea behind it is a good one. But I don't know if I was just doing it wrong, but I could not make potions once I got the ingredients, as well as there seems to be a weight painting issue if you stand still too long and then move, the models clothes and hair start to float around its body as if they were phasing through it. These issues could just be my pc since no one else has brought them up but I thought I would mention them.