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My girlfriend and I just finished playing this.  Pretty dang freaky the whole time.  My only real complaint is that while the earlier sections are pretty easy to navigate and the objectives are clear, the last section was so dark and featureless that I ended up going in circles and getting lost a lot.  Maybe that was intended, but I would've liked a little more clarity on where to go and where I'd been.  Still worth the struggle, though, would love a full-length version of this with even more story to uncover.

Short but sweet.  My girlfriend and I just played through this and were on the edge of our seats the whole time.  God dang that little robot man for spooking me so many times.  Keep making games like this!

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My girlfriend and I just finished playing through this game and loved it.  The only part we really struggled was getting into the rectory (because we totally missed seeing the lock).  The whole thing was really haunting and sad, but I'm glad we played through it.  There's some creepy elements, but the game isn't outright scary (other than the first time you realize the doors close on their own, jeez).  What a great mystery to unravel.  We were really impressed, and we definitely can't wait to see what Redact Games releases next!