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I love it, cant wait for the finished game. 

A nice little funny game.
Thank you.

Great, i love the time travel concept.
The  movement, camera and timetrevel portals need a bit optimizing.
Performance on i5 3470 and RX 550 is not good and i dont like the motion blur effect at the camera movement. But the game is cool.
Thank you!

"It's a wonderful, wonderful game..."
Thank you

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The trailer looks fantastic and the expectation is increasing.
I hope the download will be available soon.

At the beginning it is a little complicated to understand what the player have too do, but later it makes even more fun.

Looks great, but my performance is not enough (I5-3470/RX550).

If you dont have a  controller, you can try Virtual Controller at sourceforge.

But dont ask me for configurstion and how to use this Virtual Controller.
I've tryed it one time as a Virtual xBox Controller controlled by direct input device and this doesent work for me or my knowlege was to low.

Thank you

Thank you.

There is no game to download at the moment :-(

I love the 90's, thanks for this great game.

The game is a little bit fast for me, but it makes a lot of fun.

There is no game to download at the moment :-(

Max Weigl, echt jetz?
Har Har, wie man im Netz immer über die selben Menschen stolpert...

I'm speechless!
Really, I can not find words right now.

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What a battle festival.
A work of art that celebrates the eyes.
Music that makes my controller burn.
Thanks, I love it.

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It ends always  in the same result, 50% / 50% and she cuts.
Not realy funny.

I love her, thank you.

Hi, cant install with itch client.
Error: zip: unsupported compression algorithm

Nice game, i love it.

Clodhoppers community · Created a new topic I love it

Thank you, i love this game.

Oh god, what a hell of a torture.

Do not think about it, download and try it.

I like Dim very well, the atmosphere would be even more impressive with the right music / sounds.
Occasionally, the camera jerks in certain positions when you move through the level but otherwise ... Nice

I miss MiniDoom "1" at itch ;-)

ALT+Enter for Fullscreen mode, is there a other way to start always in fullscreen mode?

thoughtful game to welcome the spring.

A Kiss For You


A Kiss For You

I like it!

A Kiss For You

I like the style and sound of this retro game.
Hope for more.
Please upload your files also at itch.

A Kiss For You

Thank you for the game, even though it's just this one level, it's a pleasure to collect all the coins.

A Kiss For You

Take Duke Nukem and Doom, put it in a jar, shake it and you have a perfect game.
Thank you.

I played with the controller and have  problems to control my ghost.
It looks, that it is more playable with  key and mouse.
Thanks for your gameplay video.

I like this game, graphic, sound and gameplay is so nice. Only the movement with the controller is a little complicated for me because i dont use my controller often.

I'm not the master of the gamepad, but it makes realy many fun to play.

A kiss for you

Click, click, i love it and also your game. Thank you for the fun.

A kiss for you

Nice work.
For fullscreenmode: MountainRun.exe -f

This is a nice little game, good work Sandro.
One Of These Days ;-)

A kiss for you

One kiss more for you

I love this game, it brings me back in time, I feel again the spirit of my old wooden sword with which I once fought against dark knights, bandits and dragons.

I love it. Thank you.