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Nice Game, i love it!

I would like to turn off scanlines and the other filters completely.
I would prefer to configure my filters myself via ReShade.

Thank you

Hi, i cant install the game with the itch client.

Happy Coding 

A m a z i n g  ! ! !

Whishlisted! But it is November now, i hope for the next december.

Hi Ogni-XR21,
installation with itch client does not work.

Thank you for this game

Thank you very much for this pearl.

looks interesting, but motion sickness

Nice Game, good job, i love it. Thank you.

I tried to start the game four times, each time the same thing happened, I got a black screen and the computer stopped responding. Could that be due to my 16:10 resolution?

Hi, I can't install the game with the Itch client.

{"time":1635503179132,"level":20,"msg":"→ Backwoods/Backwoods.exe (184.00 KiB file)","name":"m/reac/down/driver"}
"zip: unsupported compression algorithm\*ZipExtractor)

Quick!, Nice!
Yes it is working now.
Thank you. 👍‍‍

Installation with itch Client is not supportet.
Please can you fix this.
Thank You

Interesante, pero la cabeza cuadrada grande no puede español.

It is a pity that gaming programmers and "studios" fail to program an interface for subtitles. It would be as easy if you had a text file that shreds through a translator and you could at least understand what it's about.
Each halfway bad media player can process subtitles from the Internet and present in videos.

It should not be a reproach, just a suggestion.
The game looks nice and therefore ...

At first I thought; Oh an Astron... clone, wonderful. But when I started the game and begin to play, I was taught a better. What a nice cosmos game and much better, but in other ways. I'm looking forward to traveling to your creative world, it will cost me some nerves, but it will be wonderful. The first impression ... Mega horny!!! 
Thank you for this pearl! 

I did not really play, please let me shut off Motion Blur. 


WOW, there is only one thing to say; play it!
great work, thank you

Thank you, a very lovingly made space shooter.


Back in 1980 i pressed the orange fire button very often of the Atari 2600.
Now, many years later i miss the gamepad support.
When you have passed a level, the new level starts too quickly. Otherwise it gave me a lot of pleasure.

Nice, thank you.

(1 edit)

This is a nice puzzle game. Want more please.
Thank you.
: Quit button does not work for me.

I feel like i was in 1979.
Thank you

I liked the graphics very much.
And once again I managed to play through a game. ;-)
I hope to be able to play a new project soon.

Thank you

I think I last played PackMan almost 38 years ago.

Thank you so much i love it.

Looks great!
When it's possible to install the game please?

It's really fun with the controller.

I have often died from the beginning, but when you have internalized the controls a bit, it feels like a classic game.
Thank you

Good Job, a Great game.

A Bier, A Musi, Holladrio!
Translation: belonging to a guild

Nice concept and one kiss for the ghost.
More please.

Is there any way to adjust the grapic settings for lower GPU's?

What a nice free game. I love it.

Thank You

A very nicely done game. I like it very much.
More levels please.

Do not say that, it's a game for a game jam, you can not focus your eyes on all points.
This is ok,  i am using a "old" OS (WIN 7 SP1), because i dont want to use windows 10.
I dont know what i do 2020, i hope for ReactOS; but i think i have to change to linux.
If you find time and can fix this, then you make me happy (and others).

Flit.exe cant find Procedure entry "CreateFile2" in KERNEL32.DLL
(Win7 SP1 64)